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Polaroid tablet prices vary widely depending on the model, size and retailer. Basic 7 inch tablets can be found for as little as $60, while larger and more elaborate 10 inch models can cost $200 or more.

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Q: What is the price for a Polaroid tablet?
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Does a polaroid tablet have a camera 7 inch?

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The Polaroid Android tablet is equiped with wireless technology and can join just about any wifi network (provided you know the password etc). The Polaroid Android tablet does not connect to mobile internet services such as 3G or 4GLTE, meaning it has somewhat limited connection capabilities.

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What is the price range for Polaroid digital cameras at Best Buy?

Including polaroid camcorders, the prices for polaroid digital cameras fall between thirty-six dollars to two-hundred-fifty dollars. This is the price range according to Best Buy's online store.

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