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Admission Pricing

$12.95 - Adults

$10.95 - Seniors (60 & above) and Active or Retired Military

$7.95 - Children 4 to 12

Free - Children 3 & under

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Q: What is the price list for the USS Lexington?
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Where is a list USS Lexington Purple Heart recipients?

the list is situated in England

List of those killed in action on uss lexington at the battle of the coral sea?

Lex took awhile to sink, and the abandoning ship operation functioned smoothly, consequently Lexington's casualties were fortunately not as heavy as they could've been. See the USS Lexington's association website, odds are they will have a list of her crewmen lost during the battle. Make sure your not looking for the new Lexington...she too fought in WWII but still exists.

What is the web address of the Uss Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi Texas?

The web address of the Uss Lexington Museum is:

What is the phone number of the Uss Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi Texas?

The phone number of the Uss Lexington Museum is: 361-888-4873.

Where is the USS Lexington docked?

The first USS Lexington aircraft carrier was sunk in the Coral Sea. The second USS Lexington aircraft carrier survived it's predecessor and was decommissioned in 1991.

When was the USS Lexington off Vietnam?

In 1959.

When was the USS Lexington boat build?

it was 1837 i think...

Where is the Uss Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi Texas located?

The address of the Uss Lexington Museum is: 2914 North Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78403

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

What is the nickname of the carrier uss lexington cv 19?

the blue ghost

Name of any famous aircraft carrier?

USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, HMS Ark Royal, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Hornet, USS Yorktown, USS Essex, USS Nimitz,USS Ronald Reagan, and many others.

What medals did the USS Enterprise earn?

The WWII USS Enterprise (CV-6) was the most decorated US warship during WWII; she earned 20 battle stars, and fought in every carrier battle except the Battle of the Coral Sea; her sister the USS Yorktown, and the giant USS Lexington fought in that battle (Lexington was sunk).