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This depends on whether the coin is a 1990 or 1990 Proof coin. A 1990 gold coin with a face value of $10.00 that weighs 0.25 ounces is worth approximately $390. A 0.25-ounce 1990 Proof coin is worth approximately $420.

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The value of a 1990 Eisenhower gold commemorative coin depends on the condition of the coin. On average the coin would be worth approximately $26.

The current price of gold is around $900 per ounce

The coins is imported from differnt hubs in europe so actual price after reching india is 27000rs depending gold price of the day coin is not consideras u buy gold it is a collection and man sources r involved to get them around europe so that is why the price is differntas compare to normal gold i am coin collector in europe too

The highly sought after sovereign is a gold coin of the United Kingdom and is known to fluctuate in price. As with all gold coins the price can vary due to the price of gold at the time and the percentage of gold contained in the actual sovereign

The value of this coin is based on the spot price of gold at time of sale. A $25.00 coin is one half ounce of gold so value is half of spot price.

As of today with the spot price of gold at $1,096.90 this coins value is about $100.00

As of 09/2009 with gold nearing $1000/oz, a 2003 "$5" eagle coin retails for $85 to $120 depending on how well struck it is. The $5 denomination is artificial, of course. This coin is sold for its gold content and not for spending, so its value will depend on the current price of gold.

The price of the 1 oz Gold American Eagle coin varies considerably. This is because it is based on the price of gold which fluctuates daily and intra-day. Other considerations affecting the price would be the rarity of the coin, demand for gold coins as an investment, and the spread.

Australia did not issue a One Dollar coin until 1984. The "Cairns to Gold Coast Pacific 1000" race coins were sold as souvenirs of the event and are possibly not worth more than the purchase price.

.3906 x spot price of gold = todays value, most people would be back slightly of the actual value

It's actually called a double eagle; an eagle is a $10 coin. Current values fluctuate with the price of gold, but have been in the vicinity of $1000 as of 09/2008. If your coin has an S mint mark it will be worth about 15 to 20% more.

Your coin is a bullion piece containing 1 troy ounce of gold. The $50 denomination is completely artificial; the coin is sold for its metal value which changes based on the spot gold market. In recent years the price of 1 troy ounce has varied between ~$1000 and ~$1800.

This is a 1 oz bullion coin, value is the spot price of gold at time of sale.

About $1000, for its gold content. Also, an "eagle" is a $10 coin. A $20 coin is called a "double eagle"

About $1000 for its gold content, regardless of mint mark.

This coin is being sold at the price of 740 €. November 14, 2008

The Five Dollar Ellis Island gold coin has a value of about $320.00 depending on the price of gold at time of sale.

That depends. If you're referring to the $20.00 coin, then the value as legal tender (spending money) is $20.00. The melt value for gold is in excess of $1000 (as of October 2009 gold prices). The numismatic collector's value of such a coin could be considerably in excess of $1000, if the coin was a particularly fine strike, in uncirculated condition.

The 5 Dollar American Eagle coin regardless of date is a 1/10th oz Gold Bullion coin and as I type this the value is $108.10 The value of any gold bullion coin follows the spot price of gold.

The average price per troy ounce of gold in 1990 was $383.51 - equal to about $639.70 in 2010 dollars.

The going price for bullion coins will vary depending on several different factors, such as the type of coin it is; gold or silver. Today, April 15, 2013, the closing price for a one ounce US Gold Eagle gold bullion coin is $1,421.28.

The 1987 5 Dollar gold eagle is a 1/10 ounce bullion coin. What ever the price of gold is per ounce the coin is worth one tenth of the price. Right now gold is $1,164.20 per oz.The coin is worth $116.4. The proof is worth more.

At least whatever the spot price is for 1oz of gold.

Price depends on how much gold it has in it take it to a jeweler

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