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What is the price of Game Boy advance sp?

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Yes, you can play the game on a Game Boy Advance SP. The Game Boy Advance SP can play both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, in addition to Game Boy Advance games.

Yes, you can play Gameboy Advance Games on a Gameboy Advance SP. As the SP is just a upgrade on the original GBA.

No the Gameboy Advance SP has a seperate charger made for it.

The Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2003. You are thinking of Game & Watch. The price varies so greatly my advice is check eBay.

The cheat to Game boy Advance Sp emerald is: Get a life...

The second hand Game Boy Advance is the Game Boy Advance SP. = =

Yes. The standard Gameboy Advance cable is compatible with the Gameboy Advance SP.

The SP is better due to the inbuilt rechargable battery, and the backlighting in the SP+ version.

Yes. You can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on a Game Boy Advance SP.

yes, you can play game boy color games in a gameboy advance SP.

Sp has lighter screens. ( because sp means special screen in my opinion)

Game Boy Advance Special Production

Yes, you can play Game Boy Advance games on the SP. After all, the SP is part of the Game Boy Advance line, so it's meant to play those games.

Yes; Game Boy Advance SP plays all games from the original Game Boy, and not just Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

no the sp has a charger while the gameboy uses batteries

Yes gba and gba sp are backwords compatible with game boy and game boy coloure games but if you have game boy micro it wont work

On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Advance SP you can play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and, Game Boy Advance games.

you can't play Nintendo DS games on Game Boy Advance SP.

There is no such thing as a "Gameboy advance SP"- type game. They are all the same "Gameboy Advanced" games. The answer to the question is: Yes. ----

no the gameboy advance sp cannot go online as it does not have any sort of game that can go online or any possible way to connect the game boy advance sp to the internet

No the only differences between the Gameboy Advance and the Gameboy Advance SP are the design, the flip lid, and the backlight.

All of them are. - Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, - Game Boy Colour, - Game Boy Advance (inc SP and SP+), - Game Boy Micro.

There isn't any difference between the gameboy advance and the gameboy advance SP, other than design and the backlight added to the SP. So, there's no difference in the games, either, and you can play any gameboy advance game on an SP or on the original advance.

Yes, the GBA and SP are pretty much the same. You shouldn't have a problem .

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