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According to NYMEX - CME Group, the current price of cotton per pound (25 January 2013) is 82.89 cents.

That being the case, a 500 pound bale would be worth $414.45 usd.

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Q: What is the price of a 500 pound bale of cotton?
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How much does a bale of cotton weigh?

A bale of cotton in the United States typically weighs 500 pounds.

How big was a bale of cotton?

Almost 500 pounds

What was the purpose of the Buy a bale of cotton movement in GA during World War 1?

The outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 prevented southern cotton growers from exporting their crop to European cotton mills. The "buy a bale of cotton" movement aimed to help growers by providing demand for their cotton. The campaign targeted people of comfortable means and urged them to buy a bale. With cotton selling at ten cents per pound, a 500-lb bale cost $50. The argument was that the cotton could then be warehoused until the next season, when the price of cotton would certainly have risen, and the buyer could sell his purchase for a ten to twenty percent profit. President Woodrow Wilson set an example by buying several bales in September 1914.

How much cotton can be produced from one acre of land?

You can get roughly a Bale an acre. If you are luckys maybe a bale and half. You can pick by hand in a full day a bale, only if you are a good worker. That's 500 pounds of cotton.

What is a cotton ball?

A cotton boll is the locks of fluff that grows cotton plant on it. then it is picked and used to make different pieces of clothes such as jeans or t-shirts...etc.

What happens after cotton is ginned?

After ginning, the raw fiber, now called lint, makes its way through another series of pipes to a press where it is compressed into bales (lint packaged for market), banded with eight steel straps, sampled for classing, wrapped for protection then loaded onto trucks for shipment to storage yards, textile mills and foreign countries. The cotton industry has adopted a standard for a bale of cotton, 55 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 21 inches thick, weighing approximately 500 pounds. A bale meeting these requirements is called a universal density bale. This is enough cotton to make 325 pairs of denim jeans.Every bale of cotton is classed from a sample taken after its formation. The classing of cotton lint is the process of measuring fiber characteristics against a set of standards (grades). Classing is done by experts, called classers, who use scientific instruments to judge the samples of lint. All standards are established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Once the quality of the cotton bale is determined, pricing parameters are set and the lint may be taken to market. Cotton marketing is the selling and buying of cotton lint. Cotton is priced in cents per pound when sold and the price is negotiated according to the cotton's quality. After baling, the cotton lint is hauled to either storage yards, textile mills, or shipped to foreign countries. The cotton seed is delivered to a seed storage area. Where it will remain until it is loaded into trucks and transported to a cottonseed oil mill or directly for livestock feed.

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How much does a wool bale weigh?

a bale of wool from river plate 500 kg

How many pounds of weed are in a bale?


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