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59.99 dollars

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โˆ™ 2009-10-13 13:39:54
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Q: What is the price of a Ps3 game?
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What price is the resistance game on PS3?

dis nutz

What price will the Gran Turismo 6 ps3 game be?

Games are $60 retail when they come out for the PS3. The game you asked about has no information on a forthcoming release

Can you get The Sims 3 on PS3?

Yes, Sims 3 is on ps3. The price they changed it to 49.99 to 39.99 in enjoy your game

When is the next PS3 price drop?

In July 2010 the PS3 released a PS3 250 GB greatest hits bundle that will be a price drop because the game of the year Edition of LittleBigPlanet and an HDMI cable are both provided with the PS3 250 GB model for the same USA retail price of $349.99. The Next PS3 price drop could be with the release of the PS3 Move Bundle to be released in September 2010.

Are Games PS3 interesting worth this price?

No game is worth the $60 price to me when I know the price will come down and go on sale

How much does a PS3 game cost in South Africa?

depends on tha price mann

What is the price of PlayStation 3 in Kuwait?

price of ps3 320 gb price of ps3 160gb

What is the best GB deal for PS3?

Buying the 320 GB model can be made at the best price savings when combined with the PS3 Move Bundle for a total Price of $399.99. That gives you a PS3 eye camera and a Move game for only the additional cost of a PS3 move controller.

Where to get transformers war for cybertron for ps3 at a low price?

The price is not low for the $29.99 retail price game amazon wants $29.87, but will ship it free

What is the price of PS3 now?

I'm guessing the Price of the ps3 is like what $300

What is the price of PS3 slim in Canada?

the price of ps3 slim is $299.99 in Canada.

How much can you get to trade in a ps3 game?

Just like the price to purchase a used game depends on the game so does thr trade in value, although is will be less than half the selling price

When does the PS3 slim price promotion end at GAME?

In the USA the current (March 29 2010) retail PS3 120 GB price is 299.99 and 349.99 for the 250GB model. Some retailers are offering accessories and game bundles when combined with the PS3 console units for additional savings off the retail prices.

What is the price of Sony Playstation 3 slim?

In the USA a 320GB PS3 with a Uncharted 3 game is $299.99 and the PS3 160 GB Model is $249.99

How much is smackdown vs raw 2012 caost on ps3?

The game was not made for 2012 and a new game WWE 12 was released for the PS3. Amazon has a $52.99 price on the $59.99 retail Price. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 released October 26, 2010 is the last game for the SVR series

How much money is pure on ps3 with tax?

Amazon wants $9.56 for the $19.99 retail price game

How much is a PS3 at aarons?

The USA retail Price on the PS3 is 299.99 for the 120GB slim model and Aaron's sells it in a bundle with a game extra controller and remote for more than the retail price, but a discount on the accessories and game is included. a link to Aaron's is under related links

Should you buy a new or used ps3?

You should purchase a new PS3 unless you are offered a steep decrease in the price. Currently the 320 GB PS3 is being sold with a uncharted 3 game for $299 and the PS3 160 GB model is $249.99 and I have already seen an ad for a black Friday bundle at that price.

Where to get the cheapes Playstation 3 console?

Most PS3 prices do not vary sometimes amazon runs one as a lost leader with a gift card and you can save the taxes. The current best price is the 320 GB PS3 with Uncharted 3 bonus game for $299.96 beating the $249.99 price of the 160 GB PS3 because of the game and larger harddrive

Can you play RuneScape on a PS3?

No it is a PC game and not a PS3 game

What was the ps3 first price?

The Price was $599 which is about £380

What are the average prices of PS3 games and average price for PS3?

The average price for newly released games is the full retail price of just under $60 with little or no discount offered. After the games have been out for a while the prices can decrease and it may pay to shop around. Stores have greater price flexibility on Games and accessories than they do with the PS3 game console. Stores may even bundle the older games in groups and let you have one free when you purchase two at the already reduced price of $20 a game. Used games can be purchased on Ebay at greatly reduced prices or for more than you would pay for a new game that has been reduced. The average price of the PS3 is Set by Sony and is the retail price of 249.99 for the PS3 slim 160GB model and $50 more for the PS3 320 GB model that often includes a game. Stores sometimes offer package deals which allow them greater price flexibility. Even Sony offers deals and has PS3 bundles. see related links The 320 GB Uncharted 3 or MW3 bundle is $299.99 The PS3 320 GB + Move Bundle is $349.99 and the PS3 160 GB is $249.99 on August 4 2012 essentially the same as a year ago

How much does the PS3 move cost?

399.99 with the tax it would be .... 429.30If you already have the PS3 and want to add the Move "The Move Bundle" has a $99.99 retail price and was seen for $89.99 at Sam's Club. Move Controller's are $49.99 and they are all you need if you already have the PS3 Eye camera (retail price $39.99) and a Move capable game. The PS3 move is optional equipment for any PS3 and not a special style, model, or different PS3.

Which is a better game consule Xbox 360 or PS3?

ps3 ps3 ps3

What is the worst PS3 game ever?

lair, the worst ps3 game.