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I've seen mint condition go as high as $250. I own one, but it is far from mint condition. Sentimental value only.

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โˆ™ 2005-08-05 01:37:03
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Q: What is the price of a Savage Model 101 single shot 22cal pistol?
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What year was the savage model 63 made?

The Savage model 63 single shot .22cal rifle was produced from 1970-1972.

What is the value of a savage arms model 63?

The value of your Savage model 63 is between 30-70 dollars.These single shot .22cal rifles were made between 1970-1972.

What year is the browning nomad 22cal pistol with serial number 43626P71?

Your Browning model nomad 22cal pistol was made in the year 1971.

How old is Savage 22 model 29?

The savage model 29 slide action .22cal rifle was made from 1929-1967.

When was the Stevens savage 22cal model 987 made?

1981 to 1989. then it was discontinued.

When was model 89 savage arms rifle made?

If we are talking about a lever action single shot ,22cal rifle,with a 18in barrel,and Martini style action?These savage/stevens model 89 rifles were made in 1976.

Herbet schmidt model 11 22cal pistol What is it worth?


What is the value of a Savage model 3D 22cal?

Between $100 TO $175 depending on condition.

What is the age of a Savage Model 72 A935746?

These crackshot rifles in .22cal were made from 1972-1989.

What year is savage model 24s-c and the worth?

If you have a Savage model 24S(20 gauge,or 410 gauge)with the .22cal,then these were made from 1964-1971.If you have a model 24C(campers companion)nickel finish,.22cal over 20 gauge)20 in barrel.These were made from 1972-1988.

What is the year your Savage 22 SL and SR number on it is 44178?

If you are asking about the savage model 22?Then this .22cal rifle was made in 1922 only.

Ranger sl plus sr 102.35 22cal rifle?

Made for Sears by Savage as their model M521.

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