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you cant travel without stops so it is probably easier to get a bus which takes about 5 hours and costs about £10

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What is the Price of rail ticket from Geneva to interlaken?

65 Swiss franks

Where can ticket information for Queensland Rail be found?

Ticket information for Queensland Rail can be found on the official website of Australian Queensland Rail. These tickets can also be booked from the websites of Translink and KSR.

How fast does the eurail travel?

Eurail is not a train. It's a rail document or rail pass ticket

What is the full form of TT who check the tickets in rail?

Ticket Teller

How much does it cost for a return ticket from Manchester to blackpool by train?

These days all rail travel in the UK is very variable in price, depending on how far in advance you can book and the time of day at which you can travel - avoiding rush-hours is cheaper. Best to look at the rail websites.

Where do you get railway ticket in Mafia Wars?

you can get Rail Ticket in Drop Zone Region 2 : Track Down Don Adriano

How do you find out train ticket prices?

Look up National Rail Enquiries.

How do you Become irctc authorised rail ticket agent other online travel service?

i wanna IRCTC ticket online agent

What is the name of passenger in PNR 6431377019 of Indian rail?

Its the train ticket confirmation number.

Where can one find information on rail times in the UK?

For rail times in the United Kingdom, you may visit the 'National Rail Enquiries' website. They state that they are 'A portal into UK rail travel, including train times; fair enquiries and ticket prices.'

When the the rail road train come in Pokemon heartgold?

After you beat the game, You can find a ticket in Kanto.

Can you get your record expunged without paying for your fines?

If you get a ticket for crossing a rail train, is this will appear on your record

Where can one find travel by train?

Information on train travel can be found by visiting train ticket and information websites, such as: The Train Line, Holidays By Rail or National Rail.

What is Birmingham train station phone number?

If you mean Birmingham, UK - there isn't one. All ticket, price and train time enquiries are dealt with by the National Rail Enquiry number 08457 48 49 50.

How do you reserve train ticket?

For UK trains, eurostar, European train tickets and rail passes and Amtrak tickets and rail passes for the USA you can reserve train tavel at

How much would a child's train ticket cost?

The price of a child's train ticket depends on various factors. First of all, where the child will be traveling affects the price. The longer the distance traveled, the higher the ticket price. Prices will alse be different depending on which rail line you use and the type of ticket needed. Secondly, the age of the child and how many adults are traveling with the child can affect the price. For National Rail in the UK, a child under the age of 5 may be able to travel for free with a fare-paying passenger. Ages 5 to 15 get a 50% discount on most tickets. For Amtrak in the US, one child under the age of 2 rides free with a fare-paying adult. Additional children under the age of 2 and children ages 2 to 15 may receive a 50% discount with a fare-paying adult, with a limit of 2 children per adult.

Would like to book train ticket on line from Dublin to Tralee?

Check the Irish Rail website.

What is the price of rail ticket from Zurich to Davos?

Zürich HB to Davos Dorf: Second Class, Adult CHF 53.00 single, or CHF 26.50 with a half-price card. First Class, Adult CHF 93.00 single, or CHF 46.50 with a half-price card. All these prices can be looked up on the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) website.

What is the Cost of transportation from London to Nottingham?

A one way ticket by rail will cost about £80 but will be considerably cheaper by bus.

Train fare brussels to bruges?

Single ticket full price 2nd class: 12.90 euro Return ticket = double Weekend ticket (return ticket travel between Friday and Sunday evening) 13.80 euro With Rail Pass (pass for 10 single journeys 2nd class): 7.30 euro/journey Other discounts possible for young and older people. Prices valid until 31st January 2010. If you travel with international high-speed train to Brussels, check for a free-to-any-Belgium-station ticket.

Which job in Mafia Wars Italy gives you a rail ticket?

Region 2 Palermo: Track Down Don Adriano

Cork to Dublin timetable and price by train?

Check the Irish Rail website from the link below.

What is the cheapest way to get a 15 year old from Ipswich to Cardiff?

Cheapest rail ticket according to 'thetrainline' website is £35.00 single.

Is a photocopy of a train ticket valid in the train?

Never. Only original tickets are valid on the train. Use or attempted use of a photocopy of a train ticket can result in arrest, fine or imprisonment (depending on the rail system).

How much it cost train from zurich to bern?

Single ticket, Zürich to Bern, 2nd class without rail-card is CHF 47.