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hawksbill - A tropical sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) valued as a source of tortoiseshell. Also called tortoiseshell.

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Q: What is the primary source for tortoise shell?
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What is the top of a tortoise shell called?

The top of a tortoise shell is called a carapace!

Why is the tortoise shell rough?

To protect the tortoise.

What reptile is the only reptile with a shell?

a turtle is a reptile with a shell . So is a Tortoise ! A tortoise is also a reptile with a shell !

Why do tortoise have shell?

A tortoise has a shell for protection and it lives in it while it travels looking for a mate.

In the fable of the tortoise how does the tortoise get a broken shell?

His shell breaks when he has to jump to his home from up in the sky

How do you draw a tortoise shell without the tortoise in it?

you draw the tortoise and then rub out its body

Where is the tortoise shell in you spy?

It is in the clock and it is the shell of a turtle

How does the shell of the tortoise protect it?

Well, think of it as an egg shell, the shell is hard and water proof! And if a predator comes, all the tortoise has to do is retract into its shell, the predator can't get to it.

What protect the tortoise?

the shell

Adaptation of a tortoise?

its shell

Why would you find a huge tortoise shell and not the tortoise?

That's why I asked you

What is tortoise defense?

Their shell (carapace) into which the tortoise withdraws as much as possible.

Why was a battering ram called a tortoise?

A tortoise goes about its life looking after its shell and the battering ram is covered with a shell/roof.

Can a tortoise leave its shell?

NO! The shell is fused to the tortoises body.

What is the tortoise shell called?

The upper part of the shell is the carapace.

How do you examine a tortoise when it withdraw its head into its shell?

look in the shell

Does a gopher tortoise have a hard or soft shell?

it has a soft shell

How big is a tortoise shell?

A tortoise shells size depends on how big the tortoise is, it's age and its breed.

What happens if a tortoises shell breaks?

The shell of a tortoise is similar to the human rib cage. To be precise, the human rib cage has spaces between them which seperates 1 rib from the other. For a tortoise the ribs are merged together forming a conch aka shell. Hence if you ever tap hard on the shell of a tortoise a few times, you will see immediate movement in the form of the tortoise trying to run away from you. Hence if the shell of the Tortoise breaks it results in immediate death of the tortoise . Hence one should never try and remove the shell of the tortoise. Incase the shell cracks , immediately take your tortoise to a pet doc. Also bandage the crack like you would to a human wound. Ensure that the bandage is firm so as to hold the shell together.

What is a tortoise shell made from?


What is the shell of a tortoise called?


When a tortoise dies does it leave its shell?


Is the tortoise shell scalely?

jesus is

Does a tortoise live in its shell?


What is shell of tortoise alled?

The 'carapace'