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Pending on the severity of the case it can be either very long or very short. There is a case of a man who sexually molested a student of his 18 times, and received a 43 year prison sentence.

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What is the prison sentence for child abuse in pa?

What is the usual sentence for an accident caused by DUI with a small child in the car? No one was hurt.

How long can someone be in prison for child abuse?

2 years

what is the punishments for child abuse?

15 to 20 years in prison

Can you send someone to prison for emotional abuse?

Generally no. However, in cases of the emotional abuse of a child, the authorities might remove the child from that home.

What are the benefits of child abuse?

There are no benefits to abusing a child, other than the risk of being taken to prison or jail to prevent further abuse.

What did Charles dickens dad go to prison for?

child abuse (rape)

What is the average sentence on child abuse?

About 15 YEAARS

How do you use the word abuse in a sentence?

Child abuse is a serious crime for which there are significant penalties.

Is child abuse connected to animal abuse in some way?

Yes. They both are punishable by prison time and if you abuse animals you probably abuse children and vice versa.

Can parents be taken to prison for child abuse?

Yes they can be but only if the police can find evidence that they have.

What is the punishment for child abuse in Ohio?

Ohio's penalty for child abuse varies greatly depending on the severity of harm. The minimum basic penalty is 6 to 12 months in prison. The maximum penalty would be 3 to 10 years in prison.

What happens to foster parents who physically abuse their foster kids?

they get a 12 year sentence in prison

What is the average amount of time spent in jail for animal abuse?

In States where animal abuse is a felony charge and has a sentence of up to 5 years in prison the overall average is 1-3 years in prison..depending on severity of the abuse... In states where animal abuse is a misdameanor with up to 3 years in prison the overall average time spent in prison on a state charge is 3 months to 1 year depending on severity of abuse.

How many years do you get for child abuse?

The criminal penalties for child abuse depend on many factors including:The state in which the child abuse occurred;The extent of the physical and / or mental injury of the child;Any permanent nature of injuries sustained by the childThe frequency of the child abuse;Use of a deadly weapon in committing the abuse;Any act of sexual abuse;Use of malicious torture;Caging of the child; andPrevious conviction for similar child abuse offenses.A defendant may be charged with misdemeanor or felony child abuse, depending on these and other factors. This may mean months in jail or potentially decades in prison if convicted.

Captions on child abuse?

Child Abuse hurts. Abuse is abuse.

Is child abuse psychological?

Yes and no. Child abuse can take many forms. But the result, or the impact it has on the child, is emotional and psychological. The forms child abuse can take are emotional child abuse, psychological child abuse (also referred to as mental child abuse), and physical child abuse.

Need a thought on child abuse?

Child abuse hurts. Abuse is abuse.

What kind of sentence can a misdemeanor child abuse potentially carry in the state of Arkansas?

Misdemeanor child molestation by a parent

What is the punishment for dog abuse?

The punishment for dog abuse should be PRISON 10 years of prison

How many years can you get in jail for child abuse?

Depends on how severe it is and where you live but the really bad cases is life in prison.

How does child abuse the individuals?

child abuse the individuals when the individual get emotional when they see the child being abuse

What is the procedure of child abuse?

what is procedure of child abuse

What are the different kind of child abuse?

physical abusesexual abusenegletemotional abusestop child abuse

What books can prevent child abuse?

Some of the books that are helpful in preventing child abuse are "Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect", "Child Abuse: Implications for Child Development and Psychopathology (Development Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry)", and "Child Abuse and Culture: Working with Diverse Families".

Is kicking your child abuse?

Physically attacking a child is abuse.