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What is the process by which feces are removed from your bodies?

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The process by which waste is removed from your body is a part of the digestive system. The food is broken down until all the nutrients are taken out.

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What is the process witch feces are removed by are body?

I think you mean egestion?

What is the medical term meaning process by which undigested food is removed from the body?

Defecation or elimination is the process of removing undigested food (feces) from the body.

How are toxins removed from your body?

Toxins are removed in many ways ranging from sweat to urine and feces.

What process produces feces?


What is the process called that expels feces?

The process is called defecation.

What is removed from undigested food to create feces?

Water; fluids

What are two ways that undigestible food is removed?

feces and urine

What waste is removed from the body via the large intestine?


What can animals provide to plants?

Fertilizationthrough either feces or their decomposing bodies

What is the process of a rabbit eating feces called?

Cecotropy is the process by which rabbits will reingest part of their feces by eating them directly from the rectum. Rabbits only ingest the soft "night" feces or cecotrophs. Hence the word Cecotropy.

Do tigers eliminate feces?

Yes they do. Tigers are mammals and all mammals excrete feces. That is how their bodies get rid of what they don't need from the food they eat.

Where is the water removed from undigested food to produce feces?

The large intestine

Why is feces solid?

IF IT IS, then it because most of the water content has been removed.

Why is there feces?

Feces or fecal matter is undigested animal waste. All mammals produce feces from the food they eat. Feces is what is left over after the digestive process that the body couldn't use.

Why were the Egyptian bodies prepared for the afterlife?

During the process, as much moisture was removed from the body as possible, along with most of the internal organs. This helped to slow down the process of decay.

What are marine mammal feces?

waste food and toxins passed through there bodies

What is the compostion of feces?

You're feces has the exact composition of the food you ate except with the majority of essential vitamins, fats, and carbs, and water removed.

What is the process of expelling the feces out of the body?

Egestion or Defecation

What is in horse feces?

Grass fibre, mucus and some toxins removed from the body

What happen to the formation of feces when partial large intestine is removed?

pacted in colon

Why are your feces brown?

Due to the nutriments being removed, undigested food and bacteria

What process of photosynthesis is most affected by ion leakage?


What is the elimination of feces called?

The process of releasing feces through the anus is called defecation. If the food is hardly digested at all, the process of removing it is called egestion. Normally, feces forms in the large intestine, gets stored in the rectum, and is pushed through the anus.

Do all animals defecate?

Yes. All animals excrete some form of feces from their bodies.

What is the process in which sediment is removed from its source?

Sediment is removed from its source through the process of Erosion.