What is the process for a Mormon baptisim?

In order to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) you need to be at least eight years old, and have parents permission if you are under 18. You will need to work with the local missionaries and with the bishop of your congregation to ensure that you meet these other qualifications:

*Understanding of basic church teachings (these are taught by missionaries in a series of five lessons)

*Personal belief of Jesus Christ as your Savior.

*Personal belief of Jesus Christ restoring His Church through Joseph Smith.

*Understanding of the promises and covenants made with God at baptism.

*Attendance at worship services for several weeks.

*Obedience to the law of Chastity (no sexual relationships outside of marriage) for several weeks.

*Obedience to the Word of Wisdom (no coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, or drug use) for several weeks.

This process can take anywhere from a month to several years, depending on the individual. When you feel that you are prepared to be baptized, you will have an interview with either a missionary or the bishop to ensure you have met the qualifications. Then you will choose who you would like to perform the baptism and set up a time so that you can invite family and friends to attend.

When you arrive for your baptism, you will be given white baptismal clothing to change into and may take a moment to have photos taken. Then a short service of prayer, hymns, and short sermons will be held, and you will enter the baptismal font. The man baptizing you will give a short prayer and then immerse you in the water. You are then a baptized member of the Mormon church!

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