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is the lighted candle used for confirmation and baptism

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Q: Lighted candle is a sacrament for Baptism Eucharist or Confirmation?
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What picture is a symbol of Baptism?

water, oil, lighted white candle, and white garment

What items in church are used to perform a baptism?

holy oil, holy water, lighted candle, white garment,

Why is the lighted candle so important in baptism?

because it symbolizes the light of Jesus Christ and it is our guide to become a good follower and a good Christian

What Holy things are used during baptism?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe bare minimum would be an unbaptised person, water, and another person to administer the sacrament. In a Church, usually, in addition there is usually a white garment, a lighted Paschal candle, another candle for the new baptised (or his parents), the Oil of Catechumens, the Sacred Chrism, and a towel and purificator to clean up with.

What do you receive with the 7 sacraments?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe classic definition of a sacrament is "A sensible sign, instituted by Jesus Christ, by which invisible grace and inward sanctification are communicated to the soul." So, obviously, the answer is grace. In a certain sense, you receive God, especially the Holy Spirit, in the sacraments, and in the Eucharist, you, of course, are receiving Our Blessed Lord, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. AnswerA sacrament is an outward, visible sign of God's inward, spiritual grace given to us. In other words it is a way in which we, as humans, have a tangible symbol of God's goodness towards us. In the same way that Jesus used simple parables to illustrate the deep love of God in a way that others could understand, the Church uses sacraments to illustrate God's goodness in symbols that we can see. In the Roman Catholic Church there are seven official sacraments (baptism, confirmation, holy communion/mass, matrimony, holy orders, penance, extreme unction),As examples, Baptism is the receipt of God's grace through a rebirth into his kingdom. The symbolic washing with water represents the cleansing of an old life and the start of a new; it symbolises rebirth; it symbolises God's refreshment. The signing of the cross at baptism represents the belonging to Christ after baptism, and the lighted candle the acceptance of Jesus as the light of the world. So we receive God's grace through action and symbol that we can understand.At the Eucharist, the recipent receives God's grace through the body and blood of Christ in the bread and wine, and also in sharing that spiritual meal with Christ's body - the Church. This outward sign is again a symbol of God's grace towards us.So with the sacraments we receive God's grace - in an outward and visible way that makes it easier to understand than otherwise.

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What are the five symbols of baptism?

The symbols of baptism are as follows: 1. Cross - To show that there will be some evil in our lives. 2. White Garment - The white garment is a symbol of purity as well as a manifestation of the "new man." White symbolizes that the stain of Original Sin is no longer upon the child whose soul is wiped clean by the sacrament of baptism. The infant is now a child of God and that heaven is opened to him/her. 3. Oil Of Chrism - Symbolizes the seal of the Holy Spirit. 4. Water - Water reminds us that it is God who gives us life. Symbolizes cleansing and purity. Water also washes away our sins. 5. Candle - The final symbol in baptism is the giving of a lighted candle. Light, like water, is essential for life. Without light there could be no life on this planet. It particularly symbolizes faith.

Who is allowed to baptize in case of emergency?

The baptism would be valid, and, as a person is baptised as a Christian (and not a Catholic, Anglican, Methodist or any other denomination) then the baptism is valid throughout the Christian Church.Water need not be applied threefold but one anointing with water with the words "I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" is sufficient for baptism. In fact in desperate times and places such as during World War II in prisoner of war camps and concentration camps, baptisms were performed in emergencies by another prisoner with water from a muddy puddle. Despite the lack of a font, a priest in robes, a lighted candle, annointing with oil and all the other trappings, this baptism would be just as valid in the eyes of God.AnswerIn the Catholic Church, in the case of emergency, absolutely anyone of reasonable mind is able to confer a valid baptism, even an atheist, insofar as they use the correct form and matter of the sacrament (words and objects with actions) and have the intention to do what the Church does, which is automatically supplied by virtue of performing the sacrament unless the person baptizing explicitly renounces it. This is outlined in canon 861 §2 of the code of Canon Law. Other Christian groups do not agree with this interpretation of the sacrament, believing that a person cannot convey what he/she himself does not possess (i.e baptism). The Latin Rite Catholic Church, however, considers that the virtue of the sacrament is not affected by the person who baptizes, but by the Holy Spirit and that all water has already been previously sanctified by Christ at His own baptism and thus does not require a specific minister in order for it to be empowered, as this excerpt from Tertullian illustrates: "All waters, therefore, in virtue of the pristine privilege of their origin, do, after invocation of God, attain the sacramental power of sanctification; for the Spirit immediately supervenes from the heavens, and rests over the waters, sanctifying them from Himself; and being thus sanctified, they imbibe at the same time the power of sanctifying."

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