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The depends on whether child support in your state stops at that time. Only a few states do. see links below

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2010-07-23 22:07:47
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Q: What is the process for stopping child support for my eighteen year old daughter?
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Do you pay support when daughter is eighteen out of high school has a child and moves into apartment with boyfriend?

no if she is 18 and not in collage.z

If a seventeen year old from a divorce moves out of their parents home do they still receive the child support till they are eighteen?

18 is not the age for stopping child support in all states. If it is 18 in your state, by the time you get a court hearing the child will have aged out. see links below

Texas law on child support at eighteen?

it stops

Does child support stop when the child is eighteen?

That depends on the state.

In Oregon when you turn eighteen do you get your child support instead of your mom?

In a word, no.

Can child support be ordered if the child is age eighteen for back child support?

No - if the child is grown up you cannot get child support.

How old does a child have to be before child supports is stop?

A child has to be eighteen before the child support ends for a child. You then cant apply for child support than or you can get anymore for that child once you are eighteen you are done.

Can child support payments made through circuit court cease when the child is eighteen?

You need to visit the court, notify it that the child has reached eighteen years of age, and inquire about ending the child support order.

Does child support stop when child turns eighteen and is still in high school?


If a child is eighteen and has joined the military do you still pay child support?

No, they are an adult.

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