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Based on the serial number, your Colt was made in 1977.

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What is the production year of a colt combat commander with serial number 70sc5572? Early 1972.

That Colt combat commander 70BS69785 was produced in 1978.

Can't find a serial number listed for combat commander starting with fos.

You will have to call Colt with the serial number since you did not list it in your question.

The records I have show a Colt combat commander with serial number CLW0015879 as being produced in 1972.

The records I have end in 1978 with a starting number of 70SC57900, so production date would be a few yeqars after that. has Colt sn data. If not there, you will have to call Colt.

The records I have show the year1977 as starting with 70BS52801 and ending with 70BS68999.

Don't know the value, but production date of that combat commander with that serial # was about 1977.

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