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It all depends on what triggers your Asthma and what you do to control it. The Americam Lung Association has a good reference section about Asthma as well as a site called Medscape. Speaking as a Respiratory Therapist I cannot give you a diagnosis/prognosis as only a Physician can. You should try to find a Pulmonary Physician for help in maintaining a good quality of life for yourself. He/She would have the knowledge to provide you with the right medication for your disease and offer you good advice. Most people with Asthma lead long and productive lives (example is Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers) and are able to keep living a normal life. One word of advice is if you smoke you find help with quitting as soon as possible. Good Luck.

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Q: What is the prognosis for asthma?
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What treatment and prognosis in bronchial ashma?

Now a days you give corticosteroids and brochodialators by inhalation route. The prognosis is good with bronchial asthma.

What is the prognosis for a patient with occupational asthma?

Occupational can be reversible. However, continued exposure to the symptom-producing substance can cause permanent lung damage. Follow-up studies of people with occupational asthma show that some cannot be protected.

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What is the difference between exercise asthma and normal asthma?

The difference between exercise asthma and regular asthma is that exercise asthma arises due to too much exercise while regular asthma is not.

What is a sentence with the word asthma?

I suffer from asthma. Asthma makes my life hard. I sometimes can't sleep at night due to asthma. I wish they had a cure for asthma.

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What are other names for asthma?

One alternative name for asthma is bronchial asthma. Other names that are used include: allergy induced asthma and exercise induced asthma.

What is the scientific name for asthma?

The scientific name for Asthma is actually Asthma!

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Do asthma transfer if you kiss an asthma patient on lips?

No, asthma is not a communicable disease.

What are all the types of asthma and which type is the worst and most risky and which type is non-risky?

There is mild asthma right through to severely uncontrolled asthma. Asthma comes in 5 stages. Stages 1-2 are controlled asthma and stage 4-5 are severe asthma needing extra preventitive treatment to control it and reduce asthma attacks. Each stage of asthma is risky when having a asthma attack. But the more severe or the less controlled the asthma is, the higher the risk associated with yourself of having a severe asthma attack. Constant asthma attacks is not good on lung function and any chage to asthma should be checked over my a doctor.