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Persons in the throes of an Addisonian crisis should get immediate emergency treatment, but it is generally not fatal. With proper treatment, a person with Addison's can lead a pretty normal life, but everyday precautions must be made. You can Google it and find tons of info.


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The patient who has Addisons would be the mostly likely to be diagnosed with it.

the dog is not making cortisol, this is the reverse disease of cushings.

1,566 people suffer from addisons disease. This information can be really useful if you want to find out about life expectanies of different people x

I have Type 2 Addisons, which means I also have Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. My symptoms when I was first diagnosed with Addisons was that I drastically lost weight, turned jaundice in color, and couldn't eat for an entire month. I would get sick quite often, and my doctors prognosis was constantly an eating disorder. I was very dehydrated, and my cortisol blood levels were low. My potassium and iron levels also drastically changed.

Addisons disease is endocrine or hormonal. It cannot be caught from dogs

Diagnosis is the identification of a disease. Prognosis is a prediction about the course of the disease.

a prognosis is the result after treating the disease

The prognosis for most people with Raynaud's disease is very good

no, because Cushings disease is when your adrenal glands secrete to much cortosol. Addison's disease is when your adrenal glands sucrete to little cortisol.

Go to Yahoo groups, search for Addisons Dogs

Five to six people in a million have Addisons in the US, and my mom has it.

Stem test, it's actually your cortisol levels being checked at three different times during the infusion. 24 hr urin antibodies i have Addisons

The course of Alexander disease is generally one of regression and progressive neurologic degeneration. Prognosis varies according to the form of the disease.

I searched it for you it is at google under addisons disease for dogs oh and it is worse on the animal if it is under stress!

The prognosis for VWD disease is generally fairly good and most individuals have a normal lifespan.

Yes, please go to the addisons dogs group on Yahoo for more info.

The steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex exhibit feedback inhibition on ACTH production, therefore a low concentration of corticosteroids (as seen in Addisons disease) will not exhibit this feedback inhibition. Without this inhibition, ACTH levels are not regulated and therefore rise.

Addisons disease and Cushing's syndrome are two diseases that affect the adrenal glands.

The prognosis for dementia depends on the underlying disease. On average, people with Alzheimer's disease live eight years past their diagnosis,

Sadly, the prognosis for a child with classic Tay-Sachs disease is certain death. Because the chronic form of Tay-Sachs has been discovered recently, prognosis for this type of the disease is not completely known.

This disease is caused when a parasitic worm infects the lymphatic system. The prognosis is not good as there is no cure and you are only able to stop the spread of the disease.

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