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What is the proper age to have a boyfriend?

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I think you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend at any age if you are mature enough to act right and not be thinking of sex or trading spit.But, maybe just a little peck if your 12 or under.

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What is the proper age for having a boyfriend?

it would be good to have a boyfriend at the age of 16

How old do you have to be to actually have a boyfriend and or a girlfriend?

Well, there isn't really a age where you can actually start having a boyfriend or girlfriend the most popular age is 15-17 when you start having proper relationships but, some children have boyfriends at the age of 5 which is way to young.

What age are you allowed to have a boyfriend?

That question is really up to your parents. Say, " What age do you think I will be until I get a boyfriend?"

How old should you be before you have a boyfriend?

you can have a boyfriend at any age.

Pregnant Teenager can they prosecute boyfriend 1.5 year difference in age When they found out she was 16 and he was 17 getting ready to turn 18 We are in Indiana?

the legal age for proper consent in Indiana is 16 so you will be fine

What is the age for a girl to have a boyfriend?

16 is a good age

Get a boyfriend at age 9?


Am i too young for a boyfriend?

The youngest age that I think is for a conpanion is 12. If your that age, than go get yourself a boyfriend!

What is the legal age for a boyfriend?

It should be eighteen years of age. There is no legal age for dating or having a boyfriend/girlfiend in any country in the west.

Is it ok to have a boyfriend at age 10?

Yes. but you can really get a boyfriend at any age. Some parents dont let you date until your a certain age.

Is it ok to get off with your boyfriend when your 11?

You should not even have a boyfriend at that age

How old do you have to be to be a boyfriend?

You can be any age to be a boyfriend, the older you get, the more you will start to realise that relationships become more serious with age.

Is it weird if you haven't ever had a boyfriend and you are in year 9?

It's not weird. There isn't a specific age that you are supposed to have a boyfriend. Everyone is different.

What is the proper etiquette for a female to enter a club with her boyfriend?


When does a girl get a boyfriend?

Mostly a girl gets a boyfriend at the age 13 or 15

Can you have a boyfriend at age of 11?

sure how about me

How do you get a boyfriend at the age of nine?

You don'nt

What is the proper age to learn how to swim?

There really is no "proper" age but I'd say you should learn well in your youth.

What is the age where you can have a boyfriend?

I would say at the age of 14, but it depends on the maturity.

It is ok to not have a boyfriend at age 13 because i kinda like this dude and he kinda likes me and everyone esle my age had a boyfriend i just don't know?

It's fine to not have a boyfriend at any age, don't worry, you're still young.

What age do you usually have a boyfriend?

There's not actually an age to have a boyfriend. It actually depends or you and your boy and the people around you. I would say the youngest age would be about 11 to 100. :P

What is the right age to get a boyfriend?

There's no age for getting a boyfriend or girlfriend because it is Love, just be sure that you are ready and you are able to handle your relationship.

Best age to have a boyfriend?

There isn't really an age that it's best to have a boyfriend just make sure you are mature and emotionally ready to have a boyfriend and that your comfortable with any situation that might come your way.

Can an 11 year old have a boyfriend?

well i think that that's a perfect age to have a boyfriend

Is it ok if you have a boyfriend at age 12?

You can have a boyfriend at twelve if you wish, but it shouldn't be anything serious.

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