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It's low self esteem and it's not a disease. It could be genetic or a product of a parent telling their child one too many times that they are aren't worth anything and will never amount to much. If one is smart they'll work hard at making that statement false! I did! At points in all our lives (don't like the word hate) we can dislike or detest ourselves. We may have done something we are not proud of and keep that shame deep in our souls or, one could feel they have let those they love down in many ways. The key to all this is the fact we are not 100% perfect and make mistakes, but if we learn from those mistakes that's what counts. Sometimes people go through life and never give THEMSELVES a second thought until it's too late. It's good to spend one-on-one time with yourself and learn from seeing, hearing and being aware of what is around us because it makes us not only stronger individuals, but more self confident. One should always try bettering themselves and it can be as simple as being on this board and learning from others to reading on different subjects or going for night school courses or, even if you are older, get back to college (I did!) Only we can make ourselves feel better. If you take the power away from others and know you are good person (but not a perfect person) inside, then that's all that counts!

Self loathing is one name that describes this.

2011-10-02 17:09:44
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