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the Philipphine flag must raise with nimbleness or quickness of the arm to express our pride for it.

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Q: What is the proper use of the national flag of the Phil?
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Is the Danish flag the oldest flag still in use today?

It is the oldest NATIONAL flag still in use - it is not the oldest flag.

What national flag is oldest?

The flag of Denmark is considered the oldest continuously used national flag in the world. It has been in use since the 13th century.

What was Ancient flag called?

Hard to know if this is the answer to your question, but the oldest National flag in use is called the Dannebrog.

Is it acceptable to use the flag as clothing decoration a receptacle for carrying important objects etc?

Presuming you mean "national" flag, no.

Why are there guidelines on the use of the national flag?

The flag is a symbol of freedom, pride and respect and it is understood that many individuals have died for what it represents.

Why did japan get rid of rays of sun on flag after world war 2?

Many countries have more than one flag depending on the purpose (national flag for civilian use, national flag for government use, flag for use on warships (this is called an Ensign.)) The rays are only on the Japanese Ensign (Navy flag) The national flag is, and was during WW II just the rising sun (disk alone.) The Ensign of Japan today still has the rays on it. I suspect the reason you may think the rays went away is from WW II most of the pictures we see are of warships. After that... not so much.

Why do the nations of united kingdom prefer to use their own national flag?

because they want to

What is the reason for the french flag to be in that order?

the colours had been in use before the French revolution, but the order was really sorted by the National Convention (the legislative ruling body of the time) in 1794. It picked the flag as it was used on the French war ships and settled it as the national flag.

How do you use the word America's in a sentence?

Red, white, and blue are the colors of America's national flag.

What country has the second oldest national flag?

Denmark has the second oldest national flag in the world, called the Dannebrog. It has been in use for over 800 years, since the early 14th century.

Which country has the oldest national flag?

A lot of people seem to saying it the Danish flag however if you look in the lion rampant (the flag for the Scottish Monarch) which was created 200 year before the Danish flag. Its also similar with the Welsh flags. These places have national characteristics however they are not technically nations.

Is derogatory use of UAE national emblem and flag punishable?

Yes it is a criminal offence. This is the case in many countries, where laws regulate the deformation of its national emblems