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Q: What is the proper way to adjust choke?
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How do you adjust the choke on a 1988 Chevy s 10 blazer?

There is no choke to adjust.

How do you service choke sticks?

Clean, adjust, and lucbricate

How do adjust the choke on a shotgun?

Unscrew the current choke and screw in the required choke. Making sure to clean the threads before hand.

How do you adjust a choke on a 1994 750 Kawasaki Jet Ski?

Loosen the cable at the carb and hold the choke valve wide open. Then tighten the cable. Check to make sure it closes all the way when you pull the choke lever.

How do I adjust the choke on my 1985 Chevy S-10?

That truck has throttle body fuel injection. There is no choke.

How do you adjust the automatic choke on a micra k10?

sug dikk

How do you adjust the choke on an engine?

(1) Loosen the choke cable at the cable control bracket but do not remove it. (2) Pull cable knob or lever all the way to closed position. (3) Manually close the choke baffle all the way. (4) Tighten the choke cable at the cable control bracket. (5) Ensure choke opens and closes properly by pushing and/or pulling the cable knob or lever.

How do you adjust the choke on a 1988 Chevy s-10 blazer?

There is no choke to adjust on that vehicle, it is fuel injected. If you are having difficulty starting the engine when cold try replacing the coolant sensor.

How do you adjust carburetors on 1965 evinrude out board motor Runs with the choke on?

If it runs with the choke on, Then it will not do any good to adjust them. It is running lean/ not getting fuel. The carburetors have dirt in the fuel jets and that is why it won't run when choke is off. When choke is on that richins the fuel up and it try's to run. Need to clean the carbs out.

Adjust choke on 1994 Mitsubishi pajero?

It looks like the choke on a 1994 Mitsubishi pajero is set by the manufacture standards and you unfortunately can not change the choke with out it being a manufacture

How do you adjust the choke on a 1996 350 vortec tbi?

There is no choke on an injection system. The cold start enrichment system performs this function.

How do you adjust the choke on a Mazda pickup on a b2200 series 1988 mechanical carburetor?

When engine is cold loosen screws on choke cover, or drill out rivets. Hold throttle part way open, then turn the cover until the choke opens, then slowly turn the choke cover the opposite direction until the choke closes all the way. Mark the cover and tighten or install new rivets and you are done. Good luck Jerry

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