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yes you will notice the blue yellow and green wires on the ig-module .. if you are faceing the front of engine by standing on the right hand side of the car . you have a series of three blue wiresthe will connect to the right side of coil pack . the left side will be from front to back ,, blue , yellow , green.

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Q: What is the proper wiring sequence of the coil to ignition module on a 1988 buick park avenue?
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an ignition control module is simply another comuter within a car used send ignition to a cars spark plugs. All modules need a basic power source from the battery and proper ground. Ensure there is at least 12 volts to one of the pins to the module, better yet pull up a diagram and see which pin receives battery voltage and check for it there, if there is no power chances are there is a blown fuse. you must also ensure you are getting signals from cam and crankshaft sensore to the module, this is best done with an osciloscope or scan tool. If power, ground, signals and circuit integrity are acceptable and still no spark is present out from any spark plug wires when the motor is cranked chances are the module itself is bad (most likely output driver - transistor bad internally)

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GM Corsica/Beretta 1988-1996 Repair Guide1993 Chevrolet Corsica 2.2L SFI OHV 4cylControl Module-Ignition:Located under hood, driver side, rear engine area, under exhaust manifold, mounted under ignition coil packRemoval & Installation:# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Detach the 8 or 11-pin harness connector from the coil and module assembly. # Remove the ignition assembly-to-camshaft housing attaching bolts. # Carefully remove the ignition assembly from the engine.If the spark plug boots present a problem coming off, it may be necessary to use a special removal tool, first twisting and pulling upward on the retainers.# Remove the ignition coil housing-to-cover bolts/screws. # Remove the cover from the coil housing. # Unplug the coil harness connector from the module. # Remove the screws attaching the module to the ignition assembly cover.If the same module is going to be replaced, take care not to remove the grease from the module or coil. If a new module is to be installed, a package of silicone grease will be included with it. This grease aids in preventing the module from overheating.To install:# Place the module on the ignition cover and install the attaching bolts/screws. Tighten the attaching bolts/screws to 35 inch lbs. (4 Nm). # Connect the coil harness connector to the module. # Assemble the module cover to the coil housing and install the attaching bolts. Tighten the attaching bolts to 35 inch lbs. (4 Nm). # Install the spark plug boots and retainers on the ignition assembly housing secondary terminals.If the boots and retainers are not in place on the housing secondary terminals prior to installing the ignition assembly, damage to the ignition system may result.# Position the ignition assembly to the engine while carefully aligning the boots to the spark plug terminals. # Coat the ignition assembly-to-camshaft housing attaching bolts with an approved lubricant and install them into the housing. # Tighten the attaching bolts to 16-19 ft. lbs. (22-26 Nm). # Attach the harness connector to the ignition coil module assembly. # Connect the negative battery cable. # Start the engine and check for proper operation and performance.

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check the pink wire to coil maybe's brocken

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