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Q: What is the protagonist in The Cay?
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Who is the protagonist of the book The Cay?

The protagonist od the book The Cay is Phillip.

Who is the protagonist in The Cay?


What is a nickname for cailey?

cay or lil c or cay sue or cay cay

How many days was Philip on The Cay in The Cay?

He was on the Cay for about 133 days.

What does a cay look like?

it depends a cay island or the animal. But i don't think there is a cay animal. A cay island looks mostly like a beach.

Did the author of the cay go to a cay?


What is an alliteration from the book The Cay?

what is the best paragraph in the cay

What are Symbolism of The Cay?

Cay represents the florida keys island

What is a cay?

A cay is a synonym for key - as in The Florida Keys. Cay; A low island or reef of sand or coral.

Where can you find the movie The Cay?

you can get the cay at blockbusters

What is the setting of chapter one in The Cay?

the cay

Where is Coco Cay?

Coco Cay is in the Bahamas.

When was The Cay created?

The Cay was created in 1974.

What does The Cay look like in the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor?

The Cay looks like a small low island.

What homophone is what opens locks and is also found in harbors?

key, cay

What did The Cay look like?

what does the cay look like

What does hombug mean in the cay?

hombug banks in the cay

From the book The Cay how did the Cay look?

From the book it saidthat the cay was u-shaped. About half a mile wide and 1.5 miles long.

Map of the cay in the book the cay?

when they were in a island and Phillip was blind

In The Cay where does timothy decide their cay is located?

its in the devils mouth

Who is the publisher of The Cay by Theodore Taylor?

The Cay was published by Avon.

In the book The Cay how do you pronounce the word Cay?


What is Rising Action on The Cay?

The rising action of The Cay is the hurricane.

When was Timothy of The Cay created?

Timothy of the Cay was created in 1993.

How tall is Cay Templeton?

Cay Templeton is 5' 6".