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Q: What is the protection of the echinoderms?
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What do echinoderms use for protection?

they live in the water so they have a clear coat

How do echinoderms use their endoskeleton like an exoskeleton?

An exoskeleton is also used as a shell sort of thing. So The echinoderms use their endoskeleton for protection. Only when they need to though.

What kind of protection do echinoderms have?

Echinoderms are protected by their spiny skins, but are still preyed upon by some types of shells, fish, crabs, shrimps, among many other. -Karli Hicks

Are echinoderms unicellular?

No Echinoderms are Multicellular.

How do you know if echinoderms are autotrophic?

Are echinoderms autotrophic

Do echinoderms hibernate or migrate?

Echinoderms migrate

What kingdom are echinoderms in?

Echinoderms are in the Animalia kingdom.

What echinoderms habitats?

The echinoderms habitat is in the Ocean

How does the respiratory tree work?

Respiratory tree is present in echinoderms eg. sea urchin it helps in respiration and protection from predators by evisceration .

Ecological relationship of echinoderms to other organisms?


What are five things echinoderms have in common?

They are all echinoderms.

Do echinoderms have swim bladders?

Echinoderms have no swim bladders.

How do echinoderms use their tube feet?

Echinoderms use their tube feet by using their water vascular system, so their tube feet are basically controlled by a water pressure system. Tube feet are adapted to a different uses in the groups of echinoderms by being able to use their tube feet to attach to objects as well as for protection and the gaining their nutrients.

Do echinoderms live in freshwater?

No, no Echinoderms live in freshwater (or on land).

Do all echinoderms have endoskeletons?

Yes, all echinoderms have endoskeletons.

Do Echinoderms have backbone?

No not all Echinoderms have backbones like the starfish

Do echinoderms reproduce sexually?

Echinoderms reproduce sexually and asexually.

What is the scientific name for Echinoderms?

The scientific name for Echinoderms is Echinodermata.

Is a butterfly a echinoderm?

Yes, butterflies and echinoderms.

Do echinoderms have a digestive system?

yes, echinoderms have a digestive system.

Echinoderms are parasitic or not?

As of yet, there is no known species of parasitic echinoderms.

What phylum do echinoderms belong to?

Echinoderms belong to the phylum Echinodermata.

Are hermit crab echinoderms?

yes all crabs are echinoderms

What phylum is an echinoderm in?

Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata

Do echinoderms live in water?

Yes Eventually echinoderms do live in water.