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The punishment involves the blocking of the user from various websites that he has used and in many states, legal action can be taken if digital evidence is produced and continues.

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Where can one find out more about cyber stalking?

You can find out more about cyber stalking in the internet. There are forums people talking about cyber stalking. There are an article from Marshall Unviersity talking about cyber stalking.

How do you prevent cyber stalking?

To prevent cyber stalking stronger norms should be there. The person being stalked should know more about it. That will help alot to prevent cyber stalking.

Are You Victim of Cyber Stalking?

Cyber stalking involves harassment using the internet. It can be by posting false accusations or threatening messages using digital media. Also, monitoring someone's computer and his internet use etc. also fall in this category. The attacker can be a stranger or a known acquaintance. Cyber stalking is an offence under Cyber laws and it involves stalking and harassing a person in cyber space.Cases of Cyber stalking are on the rise world over, however, victims can seek legal recourse under Cyber Laws.

What is cyber stalking?

cyber stalking is someone who stalks you on the internet,anything with cyber init. It involes the internet also causes harm to the person that is being stalked. Viewing someone doesn't make it stalking, I would strongly suggest blocking that person who you believe might be stalking you.

How do you minimize cyber stalking?

Be Smart , Don't Do It .

What are the social effect of cyber stalking?

Social effect of cyber stalking is bad. It may spread in other friends as well. So one should not practice this.

Is cyber stalking the same as cyber bullying?

No. Cyber bullying is when you offend someone and say bad stuff about them Also threatening to hurt someone is an example. Cyber Stalking is when you harass someone by threatening maybe to meet them and to do something sexual in an uncomfortable way.

What is cyber stalking and grooming?

It is being stalked on the internet

What are two risks associated with the Internet?

# Cyber Stalking/Bullying and various types of cyber offense # Hacking. Etc.... ---- Check out the related link for more. # Cyber Stalking/Bullying and various types of cyber offense # Hacking. Etc.... ---- Check out the related link for more.

Is stalking a criminal offense?

Yes stalking is a criminal offense in many states. You can be charged with severe punishment due to stalking. You should not do stalking. This is bad thing you should not.

Can a person be convicted of stalking over the internet?

Yes, a person can be convicted of stalking over the Internet. All 50 U.S. states have laws that address cyber stalking.

What are the differences between real world stalking and cyberstalking?

Real world stalking is when someone is physically stalked. Cyber stalking is stalking over the internet, usually on social media sites or via email, etc.

What are the release dates for Love in the Time of Robots - 2012 Cyber-Stalking 1-2?

Love in the Time of Robots - 2012 Cyber-Stalking 1-2 was released on: USA: 5 November 2012

What is a cyberstalking?

Cyber Stalking is defined as the repeated acts harassment or threatening behavior of the cyber-criminal towards the victim by using internet services.

How is cyber bullying and stalking different from each other?

Cyber bullying is hurting someones feelings and harassing them through the web. Stalking is hacking someone to receive personal information, or asking them questions in a secretive way on the web(pretending you're their age). Stalking is finding out someones information to hurt, steal from, or just hack them. There is also real life stalking but that is different.

What age range get cyber bullied?

The age range for Cyber Bullying can start at the age of seven; tweens to teens, but some adults are also Cyber Bullied if someone is stalking them or simply does not like them.

What are the various types of Internet exploitation?

accessing someone email or personal details Cyber stalking

What is the punishment for stalking in Idaho?

The punishment for stalking in Idaho is jail with a maximum of 1 year or a fine which is a maximum of $1,000. The penalty for a repeat offense by the stalker is a felony charge and they can be put in prison for up to seven years.

What form of stalking should society fear most?

Society should fear the most from cyber stalking. This is because it is easiest to do . And criminal gets away easily also.

If someone is cyber stalking who do you contact?

Tell an adult if you are an adult call the non emergency police phone

What are the current initiatives to put a stop to cyber stalking?

Several countries have made different kinds of laws to fight cyber stalking and cyber bullying. Various laws have been established for serious cases. Punishments can range from fines to even imprisonment. You can even be denied access to internet for set period. There are also therapies so that you may not do it in future.

What is cyber bullying and cyber stalking?

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that you bully someone over the internet. There have been many accidents of people committing suicides because of bullying any form of bullying is not cool so do not do it.

What are the consequences for cyber stalking?

Ur email account or any accounts online can get suspended, u can and will go to jail.

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