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What is the purpose of NAFTA?

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Purpose of nafta?

to keep all of the countries happy and not be at war

What was the primary purpose of NAFTA?

NAFTA was established to create better trade opportunities between the United States, Canada and Mexico. The agreement removed certain restriction such as costly tariffs.

What was the main purpose of NAFTA?

To make trade easier between north american countries by removing the tax on goods.

When was NAFTA founded?

nafta was founded in 1945

Does NAFTA still exist?

does nafta exist

Who likes and dislikes NAFTA?

I know that the US hates NAFTA and the Zapatistas but i am not sure that the Zapatistas dislike NAFTA.

What is the chemical formula of NAFTA?

Nafta is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

what is NAFTA?

An agreement to create free trade APEX

Who are the members of nafta?

The members of NAFTA are the US, MExico, and Canada.

What are the countries in NAFTA?

Mexico, canada, and the U.S. started NAFTA

Who came up with the idea of nafta?

who came up with the idea of NAFTA

Why is it hard to gauge the economic effects of NAFTA?

yes NAFTA did happen

Why was the NAFTA established?

North American trade agreement Is what NAFTA stands for.

Which coutries are members of NAFTA?

The members of NAFTA are : Canada, USA and Mexico

Is Spain a part of NAFTA?

NAFTA is an acronym for North American Free Trade Agreement. Spain is not part of North America and not a member of NAFTA.

Is china part of nafta?

No. NAFTA = North American Free Trade Agreement

Which countries belong to NAFTA?

United States, Mexico, and Canada are members of NAFTA.

NAFTA agreements of free trade?

NAFTA benefits the Canadian and Mexican economies.

What is a sentence for NAFTA?

I live in a country where NAFTA is included with two other countries.

What does nafta stand for-?

NAFTA stands for "North American Free Trade Agreement."

Which country was not part of NAFTA?

Brazil, Peru and Argentina were not part of NAFTA.

In the abbreviation NAFTA the t stands for what?

Trade. NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

What did NAFTA do for Canada?

NAFTA helped Canada because Canada imported and exported alot of goods and saved over s bllion dollars because of NAFTA

Why was nafta created?

NAFTA was created to ease trade with Mexico the United States and Canada

Why is NAFTA good?

it eliminitates quotas and tarrifs. which can also be bad...NAFTA really is bad...