What is the purpose of Saint Patricks Day?

St. Patrick is a missionary who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. The myth is that he "drove the snakes from Ireland," but most people believe that "snake" is a metaphor for evil. He was a very charitable, upright man, and so he was given a feast day on the Catholic calendar.

St. Patricks Day does have a meaning behind it. A man by the name of Saint Patrick was born into a ver rich Romona-British family. When he was 16 years old he was taken by some Irish sea traders and took him to Ireland as a slave. Later on God told Patrick to run away from Ireland. So Saint Patrick did as God said and ran to a a place in Britain called Gual. When he got there he immediatley got into the Annex church to study for being a priest. Soon enogh though God called Patrick to go back to Ireland and tach them about God. So he did as he said again and prospered the kingdom of God. It is rumored that he use the shammorock to tell the people of the trintity(God, Son, Holy Spirit).