What is the purpose of a dewlap on a rabbit?

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The dewlap is found mainly on female rabbits, although, in certain breeds, the males are also allowed a small one. Its purpose is to provide another area for the doe to pull fur from when she is making her nest for her kits.
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What is the purpose of a dewlap?

In a general manner it refers to a pendulous flap of skin which has no purpose for humans. For some frogs it contains the vocal sac. In lizards it is used as a form of communi

What is a dewlap?

Answer . a dewlap is mass of skin under a rabbits neck. Answer . A fold of skin that depends from the neck. It's a normal feature; not a condition. This occurs in dogs

Why do male rabbits have a dewlap?

Female rabbits are usually the ones who have dewlaps, but if a male has been neutered, he may develop a dewlap because of the lack of male hormones in his body.

Do rabbit females or rabbit males have a dewlap?

Most females have dewlaps, some males do also. The dewlap is more prominent on female rabbits than male rabbits; it's also prominent in some breeds than others; it's also mo

What are dewlaps?

dewlaps are skin hanging underneath the jaw of some animals. hope i helped :)

Do male rabbits have a dewlap?

They can but they shouldn't. The dewlap is the large flap of skin underneath a rabbit's chin that the does pull fur from to build their nests.

How big is a normal rabbits dewlap?

A finger sized to a pencil size role for smaller breeds. Large and giant breeds can get very large dewlaps. The larger the doe, often the larger the dewlap. This should be a l
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What animals have dewlaps?

Cattle, rabbits, Elands and many other larger antelope species...some humans. There are other animals as well.
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Do lionhead female rabbits have a dewlap?

Yes, all rabbits have dewlaps, even males, although it's generally more pronounced in females, and it's more pronounced in some breeds over others. Female lionheads generally
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Is it okay if the rabbit has a dewlap even if it's not pregnant?

All rabbits have dewlaps -- males and females of all breeds. It's just the dewlap is more apparent on some rabbits than others. Usually, dewlaps are more apparent on females,
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Do lionhead rabbits have dewlaps?

The Lionhead breed of pet rabbits don't tend to have very big dewlaps, no. All rabbits have dewlaps, but some are bigger than others. Generally speaking, females have bi