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The dewlap is found mainly on female rabbits, although, in certain breeds, the males are also allowed a small one. Its purpose is to provide another area for the doe to pull fur from when she is making her nest for her kits.

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In most breeds the doe has a dewlap and a buck is disqualified if it has a dewlap. Some breeds do not have a dewlap at all. A doe will have a dewlap by the time she is breeding age (which is 6 months:)

Most females have dewlaps, some males do also. The dewlap is more prominent on female rabbits than male rabbits; it's also prominent in some breeds than others; it's also more prominent when the rabbit is overweight. A dewlap in male show rabbits is a disqualification.

It's the female rabbits that have the extra fur. It's called a dewlap. It's different from the dewlap of other animals in that it's fatty, and the mother rabbit plucks fur from her dewlap to line her nest for her babies.

Yes, just search the image. Unfortunately, on Wikianswers, we cannot post images with the answer.

It's probably an abcess especilly if it is in the ear/chin/dewlap area. See a vet.

That's what some people call it, but technically it is a flap of loose fat under the skin, outside the abdomen, similar to the flabby fat double-chin on a person or the dewlap on a female rabbit under the chin. Unlike the rabbit, it doesn't serve any purpose.

The lump you are referring to is probably her dewlap. A dewlap is loose skin that often develops on the neck of the female rabbit. They are found mainly on female rabbits in certain breeds, the males are also allowed a small one. Its purpose is to give another area for the doe to pull fur from when she is making her nest for her kits.

All rabbits have dewlaps -- males and females of all breeds. It's just the dewlap is more apparent on some rabbits than others. Usually, dewlaps are more apparent on females, and within females they're more apparent in some breeds than other breeds. Dewlaps are also more apparent on obese rabbits than healthy rabbits. Unless it's a sign of obesity, there's nothing wrong with a rabbit having an obvious dewlap. Your rabbit-savvy vet can tell you if your rabbit is obese or healthy. See the related question below for info and helpful links.

No, several other animals have a dewlap

This might be because the rabbit is pregnant and is making a nest out of her hair and other usable things.

If I know what a dewlap is then probably a bulldog and blood hound

No. There are some breeds recognized by the ARBA that are disqualified if they have a noticeable dewlap.

a turkey's dewlap is the flap of skin under its neck. Also called a Wattle.

A Mountain Zebra has a dewlap. The other two major breeds of Zebras - Berchell's and Grevy's - do not.

They can but they shouldn't. The dewlap is the large flap of skin underneath a rabbit's chin that the does pull fur from to build their nests.

A finger sized to a pencil size role for smaller breeds. Large and giant breeds can get very large dewlaps. The larger the doe, often the larger the dewlap. This should be a loose pendulum of fur. If the dewlap is large and feels like there is a golf ball in it , your rabbit has an abscess and needs to see a vet or other knowledgeable person. It must be lanced and the offending particle (a splinter, hay burr or whatever) removed all the pus must be drained.

yes any rabbit can be vocal. When a rabbit is vocal it means it is under a lot of stress or pain. Try not to make your rabbit vocal on purpose.

If your rabbit is losing fur around the neck, it may have a parasite or fungus, in which case it needs to see a vet with experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. If the rabbit is female, and she's pulling the fur out herself from below her chin (her dewlap), this means she is pregnant or having a false pregnancy. See the related links and questions below for details.

In a general manner it refers to a pendulous flap of skin which has no purpose for humans. For some frogs it contains the vocal sac. In lizards it is used as a form of communication to attract a mate and in other animals it may, or may not, indicate status

it has a red or green dewlap

breeding and territorial reasons

Nope. Love the animal as it is. :D

Female rabbits are usually the ones who have dewlaps, but if a male has been neutered, he may develop a dewlap because of the lack of male hormones in his body.

Males have a large and prominent dewlap which the flash as they bob their heads to attract females and threaten other males. This dewlap is only visible during these displays, but you there is a safe method of forcing the lizard to display its dewlap. If you hold the lizard upside down by the very base of its tail (as close as you can possibly get to the body), the lizard should extend its dewlap. If it is very large, your anole is a male.

The red flap on males is a "dewlap."

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