What is the purpose of a headphone?

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to listen for the music or something. !

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Q: What is the purpose of a headphone?
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What is the purpose of a Bluetooth headphone?

The purpose of a bluetooth headphone is so you can talk on the phone and be safe at the same time. When you are driving or shopping you can talk on the phone hands free.

What would be the purpose of a headphone amplifier?

A headphone amplifier is a type of audio amplifier. Instead of an amplifier that's designed to push through audio signals to speakers, a headphone amplifier is designed to work with headphones. These are common in devices such as MP3 players.

In which devices might a headphone amp be embedded?

A headphone amp would normally be embedded into a number of devices such as televisions or portable music players. The purpose of them is to increase volume in headphones.

How do you use a headphone?

You put the headphone in your ears.

I have what looks like a headphone jack in my 2007 ford expler. What is the purpose of this?

I would think it would be for a ipod/mp3 plug

What exactly is a headphone splitter?

A headphone splitter is an attachment to you headphone outlet to run another set of headphones off of.

Best headphone company?

Sennheiser is the best headphone company.

How can you use the word headphone in a sentence?

You can use it like this: I have a headphone.

When was Headphone Injuries created?

Headphone Injuries was created in 2006.

How to see it the ordginal b headphone?

To see or buy an original headphone go to an accredited shop when you want to buy your headphone.

What is the cheap and best headphone with microphone?

Sennheiser HD428 Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi Headphone is best headphone, cheap and best both

When was Headphone Children created?

Headphone Children was created on 2005-03-16.

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