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What is the purpose of adaptive optics?

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to eliminate the distorting effects of atmospheric turbulence for telescopes on the ground

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What has the author Robert K Tyson written?

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What has the author William H Boykin written?

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What best reduces atmospheric distortion?

adaptive optics

What problem is adaptive optics designed to correct?

the effects of atmospheric turbulance

What has the author Michael C Roggemann written?

Michael C. Roggemann has written: 'Imaging through turbulence' -- subject(s): Adaptive Optics, Atmospheric turbulence, Imaging systems, Optics, Adaptive, Speckle

What are the primary telescope mirrors that are continuously adjusted to compensate for the distortion of starlight due to the motion of Earth's atmosphere?

Adaptive Optics

Which technology can allow a single ground-based telescope to achieve images as sharp as those from the Hubble Space Telescope?

adaptive optics

Why were adaptive optics developed?

To get better images with large telescope mirrors. it is necessary to counteract the distortions caused by the atmosphere and gravitational/thermal stresses.

What is the name of the process used by the telescopes on earth that allowed them to overcome the effect of the atmosphere blurring caused by the earths atmosphere?

Adaptive Optics/AO.

How do astronomers try to improve the quality of ground based optical telescopes?

* By making them bigger.* By compensating for atmospheric disturbance, with something called adaptive optics.

Describe how adaptive optics in a telescope help solve problems caused by atmospheric turbulence?

It uses lasers or sunlight or in some circumstances moonlight. That causing reflection.

How do astronomers solve the problems with earth based telescopes?

Adaptive optics which change the shape of large mirrors during observation have helped to reduce atmospheric distortion.

What telescope must be mounted on high-flying aircraft or a satellite to be useful in studying the stars?

A large aperture telescope that does not have adaptive optics which can compensate for unevenness in the atmosphere.

What has the author Richard A Carreras written?

Richard A. Carreras has written: 'Advanced wavefront control' -- subject(s): Optical detectors, Adaptive Optics, Congresses, Industrial applications, Holography

Why will many of the very large telescopes of the future make use of multiple mirrors?

adaptive optics, It's a lot easier for a computer to constantly monitor and change the shape of multiple thin mirrors than it is to use a telescope with a large thick mirror that has to thermally adjust before being able to focus sharply, and even then, a large mirror or lens can't compensate for air turbulence the way a telescope with computer controlled adaptive optics can.

What cable has the highest data transmission rate?

Fiber optics.Fiber optics.Fiber optics.Fiber optics.

What has the author David C Dayton written?

David C. Dayton has written: 'Advanced wavefront control' -- subject(s): Optical detectors, Adaptive Optics, Congresses, Industrial applications, Holography

What has the author Albert A Michelson written?

Albert A. Michelson has written: 'Studies in optics' 'Studies in optics' -- subject(s): Optics 'Studies in optics' -- subject(s): Optics

List at least three ways in which Earth's atmosphere can hinder astronomical observations And explain why putting a telescope into space helps in each case What problem can adaptive optics help with?

The Earth's atmosphere carries with it pollutants and water vapor that tend to attenuate incoming light from space and reflect light back to Earth emanating from ground sources. The atmosphere can act as an unrefined lens that can distort images due to its inhomogeneous density. Interference between light and various gasses in the atmosphere may act to distort the wavelength of incoming starlight. To put a telescope into space allows one to eliminate these difficulties by removing the atmosphere from the observations. I do not know of adaptive optics specifically but I would take it that adaptive optics would allow for refinement and correction for atmospheric interferences when observations are made on Earth by mathematical methods.

What optics is the study of?

Optics is the study of light.

What has the author W A Douthwaite written?

W. A. Douthwaite has written: 'Contact lens optics and lens design' -- subject(s): Contact lenses, Optics, Physiological optics 'Contact lens optics' -- subject(s): Contact lenses, Optics, Physiological optics

Is culture adaptive?

Yes, culture is adaptive.

What are some adaptive features of a goat?

all the adaptive features of a goat!

What problem does adaptive optics correct?

Primarily:Turbulence in the earth's atmosphere which creates twinklingMaybe also:Gravitational stresses due to tilting a telescopeThermal deformations caused by uneven heating/cooling of a telescope mirror