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Abbreviation of arithmetic logic unit, the part of a computer that performs all arithmetic computations, such as addition and multiplication, and all comparison operations. "Logical" operations - such as AND, OR and XOR is the fundamental ones, that all the others are derived from. However, the ALU functions on a computer "Word" being one or many bytes. It is given an instruction that can involve 0, 1 or 2 arguments. So the ALU is associated with the capability to access the memory - RAM and will wait until it "Memory Access Registers" are ready, will then execute the instruction. Another "ALU" will calculate the next instruction and request this. A third circuit will update the memory with any result from this operation.

The ALU is the main component of the CPU (central processing unit).

-----------In a way, the ALU is where you have at least one argument: the last answer, and can make an operation to this: A + B -> C.

The operation "+" can be arithmetic, like addition or it is logical like AND or to compare two numbers.

The ALU is made up by "gates" that takes one bit at a time.

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Q: What is the purpose of an ALU?
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What is the purpose of the ALU portion of the CPU in a computer?

To perform arithmetic or logic on bytes of data

What is the difference between combinational alu and sequential alu?

There is one main difference between combinational ALU and sequential ALU. Combinational ALU depends only on present circuits, and sequential ALU depends on both the present and the past.

What is the purpose of ALU?

Performs arithmetic and logic operations example: addition, multiplication

What is combinational alu?

combinational ALU

What was the original purpose of the microprocessor?

Taking input and process dat according to instructions in alu and produce output

How many ALU's are there in a CPU?

Only one ALU

What is CPU used for?

For executing the instructions of a program. For this purpose CPU makes use of registers, ALU and control unit.

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What performs most of calculation which enable a computer to function?

The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) inside the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer.Most modern computers however do not have a single general purpose ALU that handles everything, but instead have several independently functioning special purpose ALUs optimized for specific data types (e.g. integer numbers: I-ALU, floating point numbers: FP-ALU, boolean logical values: LU).

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How many alu's does a Pentium d have?

4 ALU's in the Pentium D

How would you describe the functioning of alu?

Could you describe the functioning of ALU? please.

What is the full form of ALU in Computer?

Arithmetic Logical Unit - ALU- in computer.

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What is the full form of alu in computer education?

alu full form in computer education

How many ALU units does the Intel Pentium D have?

It has 4 ALU units. A Pentium 4 has 2 ALU units. The Pentium D is like 2 P4's....sooo..... 2 cores x 2 ALU's each = 4

Which component of the CPU is responsible for comparing the contents of two pieces of data?

ALU ( Arithmetic Logic Unit )

What is the difference between CPU and alu?

ALU is part of the CPU. ALU does the arithmetic or logic upon the bytes presented to it. The CPU fetches an instruction from RAM, decodes it, sends the desired byte(s) to the ALU, and also tells it which operation to perform on them.

what is ALU?

arithmetic logic unit

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Part of the CPU which performs the calculations?

ALU - Arithmetic & Logical Unit

Who invented the ALU?

Mathematician John von Neumann proposed the ALU concept in 1945.(ALU) is a digital circuit that performs integerarithmetic and logical operations.

What does the following acronynms stand for alu CPU?

ALU-Arithmetic logic unit,cpu-central processing unit