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The purpose of jury consultants is to examine and determine the profile and attitude of a potential jury. A jury consultant tries to choose or guide the selection of a jury that is unbiased by using scientific methods.

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Q: What is the purpose of consultation?
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An interview that serves the purpose of determining whether there will be a good fit between a lawyer and a client is a?


What is the correct spelling for consultation?

CONSULTATION - a request or solicitation of expert advice

Can you give me an example sentence with the word consultation?

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Approach consultation isn't a specific form of consultation. It is a term which means that businesses are interested in your feedback about their services. So basically, you can get an 'approach consultation' from almost every business.

What are the release dates for Consultation - 2012?

Consultation - 2012 was released on: USA: April 2012

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In medical insurance terms, referral is not the same as consultation. If you're determining how to bill for a visit versus a consultation, check your coding manual.

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Friends World Committee for Consultation was created in 1937.

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