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Q: What is the purpose of expansion joints in a bridge?
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Explain the purpose of an expansion joint on a bridge?

The purpose of an expansion joint on a bridge it to permit the components to expand and contract with changing temperatures without stressing the entire bridge structure. Early bridge failure would be the result of building a modern bridge without expansion joints.

What happens to a bridge's expansion joints on a hot day?

If there is no expansion joints on a bridge and if it's really hot the molecules of the bridge will be separated slowly and the bridge will collapse

Why are there joints in bridges?

The space at the joints is there to allow for expansion and contraction of the length of the bridge depending on the temperature.

What type of bridge is the sunshine skyway bridge?

Cable stay. Yes, this is a cable stayed bridge. I actually sold the expansion joints (Waboflex SR4) for this bridge! It is a very impressive bridge.

What are bridge joints?

joints on a bridge

Why do engieneers add expansion joints to a bridge in order to make them safer?

The joints are essential to maintain the structural integrity of the bridges components throughout temperature ranges. Heat expands the structures and cold contracts. Without expansion joints the bridges overall life would be greatly reduced and cracks and tears could rapidly develop, making the bridge less safe.

What has the author W Black written?

W. Black has written: 'Horizontal forces on bridge expansion joints due to vehicles'

Expansion joints are used in bridges in order to prevent the bridge from?

Buckling; shriveling, bending, or curling from heating or pressure. (heating, in this case)

What is the purpose of a bridge?

Expansion joints. This allows the bridge to shift or the materials to expand and contract in the bridge. This means that if it gets heated up it expands so it needs a gap so it can move and not break the road!

What is an expansion bridge?

bridge expansion is when one side of the bridge needs to be propped up

Why do engineers design bridges with expansion slotsions?

Because bridges expand and contract with the change in temperature. The expansion joints allow the bridge to 'flex' as the temoerature rises and falls, ensuring the structure doesn't buckle or collapse.

Does concrete expand?

yes, that is why they put expansion joints on bridges. (: your welcomeyes, that is why they put expansion joints on bridges. (: your welcome