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Assuming that you mean currency hedging - it is to make extra money! By pricing a transaction in one currency or the other, you are in essence gambling that you know which way the currency rate will go. Example: I want to buy $100 of Philippine mangoes, which buys 500 mangoes. The Dollar today is worth a bit over 54 Pesos (fractions ignored). If I make the deal in US dollars, I know my expense will be $100, and I will get 500 mangoes for them. If I want, I can lock in those values today. If I think the Philippine Peso will be going down in value, I can price those 500 mangoes at 5400 Pesos at close of transaction. If that time comes and the I can now get 65 Pesos for each US dollar, then divide 65 into 5400 means I spend only a bit over 83 US dollars for the same amount of mangoes. Realize that it is a gamble - guess wrong and it could also make those mangoes much more expensive!

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Q: What is the purpose of hedging in global money market?
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Money Market ETFs have a very significant purpose. Money Market ETFs are a type of investment fund which many people use to trade like stocks for a profit.

What are the differences between foreign exchange market and equity market?

Foreign exchange (forex) is the global market of currency (money) , equity market (stock market) is the global market of shares (small pieces of large companies)

What are the money market institutions?

In finance, the money market is the global financial market for short-term borrowing and lending. It provides short-term liquidity funding for the global financial system. The money market is where short-term obligations such as Treasury bills, commercial paper and bankers' acceptances are bought and sold.

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The purpose of a Fidelity money market fund is to generate revenue. The funds in a Fidelity money market fund are not guaranteed or insured. It is a type of fund that is very liquid, money is usually available by the next day.

What are the Differences between domestic and global market?

A domestic market will usually have only one kind of money and one set of trade laws. The global market uses many kinds of money which fluctuate in their exchange value, and many sets of laws regarding international trade. The global market is much more complicated and on a larger scale than the domestic market.

What is capital market and money market?

What is capital market? Basically the capital market is a type of financial market, it includes the stocks and bonds market as well. But in general the capital market is the market for securities where either companies or the government can raise long term funds What is the money market? Basically the money market is the global financial market for short-term borrowing and lending and provides short term liquid funding for the global financial system. The average amount of time that companies borrow money in a money market is about thirteen months or lower

Why is it important to have a global market strategy?

It is important to have a global market strategy in order to have a plan. One won't accomplish much or make much money without a strategy of how to make the best of the market they are going in to.

What is the purpose of the website Money Central Market?

Money Central Market was a money exchanging website however it has been shutdown, and the domain name seized by the US government after being identified as fraudulent.

What best describes the purpose of market research?

To help producers make more money.

What are causes of global trade?

One of the causes of global trade is more profits. Businesses expand their market so that they can sell to more customers and make more money.

What are cash trading advantages?

you get a certain profit as an agent , else you get the money from fluctuations in global market and respective currencies

Who were the risk takers in the new international trade market?

The entrepreneurs were the risk takers, as they invested the money in these global ventures.

How does the location of the money market differ from that of the capital market?

The capital market has to do with the global economy and is in reference to how much a dollar is work compared to currency of another country. The money market is an account that is offered by a financial institution much like a savings account that draws a small amount of interest and the account is owned by an individual.

How did the increase of trade in the global exchange led to inflation?

As more products came on the market, wealth increased, and countries started making more money. As more money flooded the market, so it led to inflation.

Who are the capital market and money market operators?

who are the operators of money market and capital market

Is dealer commercial paper money market or capital market?

Money Market

What is purpose of ftse market in UK?

To show how much money we are making and then we compare It to the other country.basically it is just statistics to show other countries on their TVs how our Market is doing

What are the cnstituuansof money market?

What are the cnstituuansof money market

What is money market?

According to Reserve Bank of India(RBI), money market is "the center for dealings, mainly of short-term character, in money assets; it meets the short-term requirements of borrowers & provides liquidity or cash to lenders. It is place where short-term surplus investible funds, at disposal of financial and other institutions & individuals, are bid by borrowers, again comprising institutions & the government itself." Money market is a short-term market for borrowing & lending funds. The short-term refers to a period of up to one year.

What is money and capital market?

money market is a market buying and selling of shares and security.

Why there are so many different types of financial markets?

A financial market is a broad term describing any marketplace where buyers and sellers participate in the trade of assets such as equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives. They include Capital Markets (stock, bond), Money Market, Spot market, Derivatives Markets, Forex and the Interbank Market, OTC market,.... You can search on With different types of financial markets, investors can diversify their investing to minimize risks as hedging tools.

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Most people confuse a money market account with certificates of deposit. Money markets are deposit accounts set up like a savings or checking account. However, a minimum balance, and/or limited transactions are commonplace. Interest earned is based on average deposit balance. Therefore, money market certificates are great for large accounts with limited needs for withdrawals.

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A business expands to a global market in order to make more money. They generally do this because labor is relatively inexpensive abroad.

Shortage of liquidity in money market?

is the drain of excess liquidity from the money market