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Q: What is the purpose of robot pets?
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Is robot needed?

Depends on the purpose and functionality of the robot as well as its usage

What determines the shape of a robot's body?

The robot's shape depends on what it is used for. Whether it is moving a block of wood, or driving down a surface. Each robot is designed for a specific purpose.

What is a Japanese aibo?

Artificial intelligent robot (aibo) are robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony.

What is the difference between robot and robotic?

a robot is a fully metal machine that is programed to do something with a purpose. Robotic however has metallic properties.

What is the purpose of Pets Med Spa and Rehabilitation Center?

The purpose of the Pets Med Spa and Rehabilitation Center is to give pets a clean, fun, and safe environment to have a vacation in. At the Pets Med Spa and Rehabilitation Center, pets can also be groomed or trained.

What does a robot have to have to be a robot?

A Robot must have a purpose or twoA Robot must be able to move (anyway , remote control)A Robot must have some updated technology in this way i mean it could plug in to the computer and you can control it from thereIt must have some Ability (to see take pictures)

What is Nxt robots?

An NXT robot is a compact machine for a purpose and is controled by a computer

What is the purpose of a robot?

To perform repetive or hazardous task that would endanger a human.

Are robots a good or bad thing?

Really, it just depends on what the purpose of the robot is.

How do you build a robot that can take care of pets?

Get your standard toaster oven. Plug it into your radio. And that's how you get to Llama school

What is the purpose of using a Forex trading robot?

Many traders can't resist the idea of sending an infallible Forex robot out on to the market in order to do their work for them. Although assured that Forex trading robots guarantee winning trades and no loss of investments this is not always the case. The purpose of using such a robot is simply to take an easy option.

What is the purpose of the robot?

What is the purpose for robots? It is use in making the work of tha humans be lighter or easier. ^_^ -selkie