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  1. Student InteractionEconomics
  2. The use of school uniforms serves the purpose of enhancing positive interaction between students. Eliminating issues surrounding clothing furthers this objective. Discipline
  3. Another purpose is to ease the financial obligation of parents relating to the purchase of what can be expensive clothing for children. Academic Achievement
  4. Researchers such as David L. Brunsma in "Uniforms in Public Schools: A Decade of Research and Debate" have concluded school uniforms serve the purpose of being a disciplinary tool. Time Frame
  5. Brunsma also writes of research that suggests another purpose of school uniforms is to enhance academic achievement among students.
  6. Public and private schools utilize school uniforms from kindergarten through high school.
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i hate school uniforms but it i think it would be easier because we wouldn't have a hard time picking out clothes and some people would get made fun of because of their clothes and we can use the money for other stuff

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Q: What is the purpose of school uniform?
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