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What is the purpose of silent letters?

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There are two uses for silent letters in English. One is to indicate the pronunciation of other letters. For example, in the word "tinny," the second n is silent; its purpose is to show that the i is not pronounced like the i in "tiny." Likewise, a silent e makes "hate" sound different from "hat." The other use is something of an historical accident. As relics of past pronunciation, silent letters often contain clues to the history of the words they are in. Thus we can tell, just by looking at it, that the word "knight, with three silent letters, is probably connected to the German word Knecht, (which has no silent letters).

Attempts to "reform" English spelling are always dismal failures. For one thing, let's say we wanted to spell all our words the way they are pronounced. Well, pronounced where? In Boston we would write cod for what they spell card in Pittsburgh, and cawd for what they spell cod. -----

Hah! Good question. The English Language in particular is full of silent letters. This is because English is a developing language, that has always stolen words from other languages. Local pronunciation then often changes the way a word is said. This has been the case ever since England was settled almost simultaneously by the Angles, the Juts, the Saxons, the Danes and the Vikings. These people then had to communicate with the original peoples of Britain, such as the Britons, the Picts and the Celts. Tied into this was the remains of Latin (brought by the Romans, and kept alive by the Church). Then, in 1066, Norman French was introduced into the equation. If you had to try and speak all those languages, odds are you'd mispronounce words as well. Ultimately there is no real PURPOSE to silent letters, but what is important is that people understand you. It's not "wrong" to use text-message abreviations such as "how r u?" as long as those you are trying to communicate with can understand you. As an interesting aside, Esperanto was invented as a language, designed to be easy for ANYONE to learn. It was hoped that this would lead to the whole world speaking one language. However, it never took off outside academic circles. Silent letters serve no useful purpose. They are there because English spelling has never been reformed. == I'm no lover of all those odd spellings and silent letters, and over time many of them will work their way out of English. It should be mentioned, though, that English spelling has indeed been revised; a quick glance at The Canterbury Tales (original) should put an end to that. It was revised here in the states as well, as recently as Noah Webster, I believe. There is a purpose to many of the odd spellings, though, even if it is a purpose we can dispense with. The spellings often help us determine the origins and the meanings of the component parts of words.

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What is the silent letters of subtle?

The letters b and e are silent in subtle.

What is the silent letter in the word horn?

There are no silent letters, all letters are sounded.

Which letters are silent letters?

There are no individual silent letters, they only become silent when they form part of a word, such as the letter 'p' in Psychotic and the letter 'u' in colour.

What are three words that have silent letters in them?

Word with silent letters include aisle, pie, and tomb. See the related link for more words with silent letters.

What is the silent letter in girl?

There are no silent letters in girl. All letters are pronounced: /ɡərl/

What are the silent letters in pslam?

P + L are the silent letters. The word is pronounced like "Sam"

Which letters are silent in gnawed?

The 'g' is a silent letter.

Does garden have a silent letter?

No. Garden has no silent letters.

What silent letter of horn?

There are no silent letters in horn.

What silent letters is in wrote?

The silent letter in the word "wrote" is the silent W.

What are the silent letters in bread?

The 'a' is silent, the word is pronounced as 'bred'

Which letter is silent in QUEUE?

Both of the letters "e" are silent.

What letter is silent in the word city?

None of the letters is silent.

Which letter is silent in helmet?

There are no silent letters in the word "helmet".

What are the silent letters in plumber?

The 'b' is silent in the word "plumber".

Which is the silent letter in the word puppet?

There are no silent letters in puppet.

Which letters are silent in knowledge?

The 'K' is a silent letter.K

What are silent letters on the word punctuation?

Hi.Did you ever wonder what the silent letters in punctuation are.Probably not, but if your curious, they are-t and i

Is it true that the word 'Listen' contains the same letters as the word 'Silent'?

Yes, true. 'Listen' and 'Silent' contain the same letters.

How do you teach silent letters?

It can be hard to teach the silent letters in words. A person can explain that in certain words the letters do not make a noise when pronouncing the word.

Which letter is silent in 'marvel'?

there is no silent letters in marvel

What is silent letter in the word bin?

There are NO silent letters in the word bin.

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