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Matthew is one of the books that were written about the life of Jesus Christ. It tells us of his genealogy and his life growing up. It tells of his teachings during his ministry and of his resurrection.

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Q: What is the purpose of the book of Matthew in the bible?
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Name the fortieth book of the Bible?

The 40th book of the bible is Matthew.

What book of the Bible is especially known for parables?


Where does the word abide appear in the Bible?

In the book of Matthew

Where in the bible do you find information on taxes?

The book of Matthew.

What is the 40th book in the bible?


What verses in the the book of Matthew in th Bible mention sparrows?

Matthew 10:29 and Matthew 10:31.

Where you the Bible can you find Saint Matthew with angel?

There is nothing in The Bible about "Saint" Matthew. So nothing about "Saint Matthew with angel".BTW, "bible" simply means "book", sp "the bible" means "the book" - wgich could be any book.The term "The Bible", or sometime "The Holy Bible" has capital letters simply to distinguish it from other books.

What Book of the bible stated not to judge one another?

Matthew ..

What was the name of the tax collector that wrote a book in the bible?


How many years in the bible between the book of genesis in the book of Matthew?

around 2000

What is purpose in the bible?

I am guessing that you are asking what is the purpose of the book of Matthew... Matthew's biggest purpose seems to have been to tell say that Jesus truly fulfilled the Old Testament prophesies that a Messiah would come. He wanted us to see that as the Messiah Jesus is also to be seen as a King and totally worthy of our praise and worship of Him.

Did Matthew write any other books in the gospel?

Matthew has written only one book in the bible.