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To build tension

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Q: What is the purpose of the inciting incident in a dramatic plot?
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What is a inciting incident in a dramatic plot?

In a dramatic plot, the inciting incident is the decision or the event that starts the problem of the story. It is sometimes called the exciting incident or the plot point.

Which part of a dramatic plot builds tension?

Inciting incident

Which best describes an inciting incident in a dramatic plot?

Action that builds tension

What is an inciting incident of a screenplay?

Once the Exposition has come to an end, the Inciting Incident begins the forward movement of the plot.

What stage in the plot comes after exposition?

The inciting incident

According to Freytag what stage sets the plot into motion?

Inciting incident

The inciting incident in a plot generally comes after what?

It comes after the exposition in a story.

Where does an inciding incident in a plot come from?

Everything in a plot comes from the author's mind. The inciting incident is just the thing that starts off the conflict.

The inciting incident in a plot generally comes after but before the?

the chicken but before the egg!

Where in the plot structure would the writer most likely put the inciting incident?

You need the inciting incident early in the story, so usually in the exposition or rising action.

What is the inciting incident in Breaking Dawn?

The inciting incident of Breaking Dawn happens before Breaking Dawn starts. Bella's marriage is the inciting incident. From that beginning comes all of the other things that move the plot: her pregnancy, her transformation into a vampire, etc.

What is the structure of a typical tragedy?

During the exposition the play introduces the characters engaged in dramatic action, describing the given circumstances and defining the dramatic problem. The inciting incident initiates the plot. The plot develops during the rising action as complications and conflicts arise as a result of that inciting incident. The plot and characters develop to a turning point sometimes called the reversal or the technical climax in which the plot takes an unexpected turn. Then, the characters are thrown into a crisis during the falling action following the reversal, which leads to a resolution of the plot in the denouement, which brings about a catharsis in the audience unless it is a deus ex machina.

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