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What is the purpose of the microphone?

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The microphone converts that analog sounds into a frequency that can be transmitted through other mechanisms. It is the opposite of the speaker or earpiece. It changes sound into electrical impulses. The electrical impulses can be used by any number of electronic devices. Answer It was used 4 sending loud messages in a boxing match duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The purpose of the microphone is to amplify your voice so your voice can be heard louder.

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What is the purpose of a laptop microphone?

A laptop microphone serves the same purpose as any other microphone. A microphone converts analog sounds into a frequency that can be transmitted to other mechanisms.

What is the purpose of a microphone?

so you can be herd

What is the purpose of having a microphone with a CD player?

The purpose of having a microphone with a CD player is mostly used for karaoke as the CD player enables to be played while one can sing into the microphone.

What the purpose of microphone?

The purpose of a microphone is to amplify a speaker or singers voice. Microphones can also be used in coordination with an audio system to record voices or sounds.

What is the purpose of a magic microphone?

The purpose of Magic Microphone is to have fun while singing various songs alone or in a group. It can be used to turn one's living room into a Karaoke bar.

What are words related to microphone?

Many words are related to microphone. Examples are:button microphone,capacitor microphone,carbon microphone,condenser microphone,contact microphone,dictaphone,digital microphone,dynamic microphone,electrostatic microphone,hydrophone,laser microphone,lavalier microphone,liquid microphone,mic, mike,moving coil microphone,omnidirectional microphone,parabolic microphone,pick-up,piezoelectric microphone,ribbon microphone,shotgun microphone, tap,throat microphone,unidirectional microphone,water microphone,wire-tap, wire-tapping,wireless microphone

Do you have to have a microphone?

A microphone for what?

Is there a microphone I can connect to my pc via a usb port?

Yup, there are a wide variety of products out there for this very purpose. You can also get microphone/audio headset combos as well. Visit your local computer store, I'm sure they will have them.

What is the prefix for microphone?


When was first microphone invented?

the microphonethe microphone was invented by Emile Berliner

Does the Dell inspiron e1405 have a microphone?

It has a microphone port. but no built in microphone into the laptop.

What is microphone?

•A microphone is just the inverse of a loudspeaker •

I have a Webcam with no microphone what do you do?

you have to buy a webcam with a microphone

How do you spell microphone in french?

un microphone

What do you call the microphone that pilots speak into?


Where can you get a Selena Gomez microphone?

In microphone stores!

How would you describe a microphone?

Description of a microphone

How do you spell microphone?

The correct spelling is microphone

Is microphone a common or a proper noun?

The noun microphone is a common noun, a word for any microphone.

What is a sentence using the word microphone?

Please bring me that microphone. Harold, turn up the microphone.

How do you enable the microphone on rockband?

You must plug in a controller since the microphone has no buttons of its own. with both the controller and microphone plugged in you will now have the ability to turn on microphone.

What is a Unidirectional microphone?

That is a microphone which receives the sound only from a small angle of direction; like a gun microphone.

How do you find the minus on a microphone?

Typical microphone has no volume adjustment, it can be adjusted in electronic device where microphone is connected.

Is microphone will be useful in the future?

No. Microphone will be not useful in future.

What is the opposite of microphone?

I think the speaker is the opposite of the microphone.