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the president works there and has important meetings

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What is the purpose of the oval office in the white house?

The oval office is the President's formal work office where he meets with important people and holds court , so to speak.

When was the oval office built?

The Oval Office was built in 1909

What is the office of the President called?

the oval office the presidents office hahaha actually its called the oval office

Is the oval office oval?


Is oval office capitalized?

It is if you mean the Oval Office in the White House.

Is there a computer in the oval office?

No, there is not a computer in the United States President's Oval Office. President Obama will be the first President to have a computer in the Oval Office.

What does the President do in the Oval Office?

What does the President do in the in Oval office in the White House?

What is the presidential office called?

The office of the President of the U.S. is called the Oval Office because it is oval shaped.

What branch is the oval office in?

The "Oval Office" is the office of the President of the United States, who is the head of the Executive branch.

Why is the oval office called the oval office?

Because the room is actually oval in shape. See the related link for a picture.

What is the name of the President's special office?

The Oval Office. It is oval because George Washington liked oval like shapes.

What is the oval office?

The president's office.

What shape is the president's official white house office?

Oval. It is called the Oval Office.

What is the shape of the US presidents office?

It is called the Oval Office because of its oval shape.

What is the name of the garden outside the oval office?

the rose garden is just outside of the oval office

What is the President's office in the White House called?

The President's office is referred to as the "Oval Office" because of it's oval shape.

When is the word oval office not capitalized in a sentence?

When you are writing about a circular room oval officedoes not need to be capitalized - when you are referring to the room in the White House - Oval Office should be capitalized.

What is the president office called?

=the Oval office=

What is the use of the Oval Office?

that is the president's office.

The name of the president office?

The oval office.

What is the president's office is called?

The Oval Office

What is the name of the presidential office?

The Oval Office

What do the presidents do in the oval office?

The oval office is where presidents meet with staff and make decisions.

Where is the oval office located in the White House?

The Oval Office is located in the West Wing of the White House.

Where is the oval office located?

In Washington D.C inside the west wing of the White House, the Oval Office is the Presidents office in the White House.

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