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That's a frequently asked question and a very good one, in fact. Whiskers are a very delicate sense organ. The slightest contact, even a soft breeze will cause them to move. The base of each whisker is connected to very sensitive clump of nerves that detects these minute movements. In this way animals can often sense objects moving around them. They also help them move around in the dark without bumping into things. =)
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Purpose of dog whiskers?

purpose for dog whiskers

Do ferrets need their whiskers?

All animals with whiskers have them for a reason and they serve a purpose to assist them in the dark. I suppose a ferret could do without whiskers.

Do hyenas have whiskers?

Yes, they likely serve a similar purpose to that of a cat's whiskers; to find the right place to bite on its prey.

What is the purpose of a cat's whiskers?

Cat whiskers serve as a way for cats to sense their surroundings. An example of this is when a cat is walking around at night, the whiskers help allow the cat to know where objects are based on the tips of the whiskers brushing against things. Also, the whiskers tend to be the length of the widest part of that cat's body. The purpose of this is for the cat to be able to tell if an area is large enough for it to fit through. The whiskers can also tell you how the cat is feeling. A cat that has his whiskers pulled back against his face, is feeling angry or defensive. If he's stalking or aggressive, the whiskers will be forward and tense. A cat with relaxed whiskers facing forward and down is happy and content.

Are cat whiskers a vestigial structure?

A vestigial structure is a structure that an organism still has but no longer serves any real definite purpose. In this case, the whiskers on a cat serve a vital purpose, so they are not vestigial structures.

Can dogs feel things at the end of their whiskers?

Yes, the purpose of whiskers is to sense things around them. Whiskers are about as wide as the rest of the dog's body, so a dog can figure out whether or not they can fit in something without getting stuck in the process. Just imagine whiskers being like hair, you can feel something on the end of it, and the same goes for dogs and whiskers.

Do zebras have whiskers?

No. Zebras do not have whiskers.

Does a bear have whiskers?

No a bear does not have whiskers.

Does the bat have whiskers?

Yes they had whiskers.

Do monkeys have whiskers?

No monkeys do not have whiskers

Does dolphins have whiskers?

no dolphins do not have whiskers

What is old whiskers?

old whiskers is a old cat.. old whiskers is a old cat..

What is the purpose of the whiskers on squirrels?

These are the tips of sense organs. They can tell any animal that has them if their head or body will fit through a space.

Do bunnies have whiskers?

Yes. Bunnies do have whiskers.

What is 'whiskers' in French?


Why does guinea pigs have whiskers?

yes they do have whiskers.

Why does a gerbil have whiskers?

Yes gerbils do have whiskers

Do any bears have whiskers?

Yes They do have whiskers.

Do poodles have whiskers?

Yes, poodles have whiskers.

Do a hamsters have whiskers?

Yes, hamsters do have whiskers.

Is this how you spell whiskers?

Yes, that is how you spell whiskers.

Do raccoons have whiskers?

Yes,yes they do have whiskers

Do hedgehog have whiskers?

Yes. Hedgehogs have whiskers.

What if you accidentally cut a dog's whiskers?

It is not a big deal -- dogs do not need their whiskers to function; their purpose is to tell a dog when its face is close to something, and if you accidentally cut off one, it will grow back and in the meantime, the dog has plenty more.

Are a cat's whiskers always white?

A cat's whiskers can be any color, but in most cases, the whiskers do not retain melanin; therefore, the majority of cat whiskers are white.

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