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A magnetic field is the invisible field of magnetic force that is exerted on substances that are sensitive to magnetism. Magnetic fields have been studied by scientists and are used in applications such as compasses and MRI equipment.

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Q: What is the purposes of the magnetic field?
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What organisms are able to sense earth's magnetic field and why?

Many (but not all) birds, fish,, insects, etc. have the ability to sense earth's magnetic field. They use this ability for navigation purposes, much as we use magnetic compases.

The area around an object that is affected by the magnetism of that object is the?

A Magnetic Force

Region around a magnet in which magnetic force can act?

Magnetic freild

Does Eris have a magnetic field?

no. Eris does not have a magnetic field

What is a region where a magnetic force can be detected?

The magnetic field. If it's an electromagnet, the electromagnetic field.

What is the neutral point of the magnetic field?

In a combined magnetic field, a neutral point is a place where the magnetic field is zero

Can things hover in a magnetic field?

Things that are affected by a magnetic field, such as iron and steel can hover in a magnetic field.

What is a magnetic field made up of?

Magnetic field is made up of magnetic lines.

What is a magnetic field will be produced at some point in space if the electric field at the point?

As far as the electric field is stationary then no magnetic field. But when electric field is moving at a uniform speed then a magnetic field will be produced. This is what we call Lorentz magnetic field.

Does Ceres have a magnetic field?

No, Ceres does not have a magnetic field around it.

What is eddy current loss in transformers?

Eddy current loss in Transformers is because of the eddy currents formed in the body of the magnetic core.Whenever a conductor(iron core) exposed to a changing magnetic field a magnetc field produced in the body of the magnetic core.That induce a circulating current in it.Which is called eddy current.In the case transformer it is loss.But it is useful in other purposes.

What is the magnetic character for iron?

the answer is the iron of magnetic field so that it can cause magnetic field... iron.