What is the quickest a formula 1 or Indy car or a1 car?

Road & track compared high performance cars in a June issue 1999? The V10 F1 car- 9.4@181mph , the 2.65lt turbo v8 Champcar- 9.04@167mph, The IRL car 10.05@152.5mph. Honda BAR V10 F1 car went 413km/h with a low downforce setup. They have comparable top speeds 230-240mph in race trim. The turbo setup is "quicker" because the better torque output. I haven't seen any performance #s on the current turbo/hybrid F1 cars, but with the KERS+turbo V6 is estimated at around 750hp. For comparison: 950-980hp for 2005 V10 F1, 1000+hp for the1999/2000 2.65lt. turbo v8 champcars, 700hp for IRL Dallara of same year. The fastest of all time will always be the Turbo BMWs from 1986 with 1400+hp, safety regulations will never let the cars have that amount of power again.