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If you are using bullets then here's my suggestion. Use the red barrels and blow them up when Saddler's near them. Another thing you can do is that there are two levers where you can use some heavy machinery to help you knock Saddler down. One is on the side that you start on and the other is on the other side. Another thing you can do is shoot the eyes on his front legs. When you shoot one, Saddler will fall down. Take this chance to stab him in the eye with your knife. After you get rid of his front eyes, pull out your TMP and just start shooting his body. Another thing you can use is hand grenades. They definitely help keep Saddler down. Now, lets say that you don't want to stab Saddler with your knife, pull out either your Broken Butterfly (a type of Magnum) or the Killer 7. Just go ahead and blast him the eye as many times as you can. After waiting a bit of time, Ada will show up and throw you the Special Rocket Launcher. Once she does that, immediately go get it. All's you have to do is use it and Saddler's history. If you have the infinite guns then you can use the Infinite Rocket Launcher to help you. And then, if you have room, grab the Special Rocket Launcher Ada throws to you and sell if for some good cash. In the PS2 version/Wii version, after you beat the game on Professional mode, you will get a chance to get the Plaga Removal Laser. If you charge this up all the way and make sure that you have a clear shot of Saddler, you will defeat him in one hit. Don't forget that he is all plaga so it definitely helps you.

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Q: What is the quickest way to defeat saddler in resident evil 4?
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