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Medial Epicondlye

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The raised area of the condyle is known as the condylar process, which forms part of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in the jawbone. This structure allows for smooth movement of the mandible during actions such as chewing and speaking.

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Q: What is the raised area of the condyle?
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What is the raised area on or above a condyle?


What is the raised area on or above the condyle?


What is a rounded process called?


What is the plural form of the word condyle?

The plural form of the word "condyle" is "condyles."

Do only reptiles have a single occipital condyle?

they have 1 occipital condyle

Why is the medial condyle larger than the lateral condyle?

The medial condyle is the larger than the lateral condyle is larger because it bears more weight. This additional burden requires a larger and stronger base.

What is a process just above a condyle?

Above a condyle is a structure known as the epicondyle. Epicondyles are bony protrusions located near the condyle that serve as attachment points for ligaments and tendons, providing stability to the joint.

What is medial femoral condyle and can it be treated?

The medial femoral condyle is a bony prominence on the inner side of the thighbone where it meets the knee. Injuries to this area, such as a fracture or osteochondral defect, can be treated through a variety of methods including rest, physical therapy, bracing, and in severe cases, surgery. Treatment will depend on the specific injury and its severity.

What is the plural form of intercondylar?

Intercondylar is an adjective. It therefore has no plural form. The corresponding noun is condyle. the plural of condyle is condyles

What keeps the mandibular condyle from slipping out of its fossa in a posterior direction?

The articular disc of the temporomandibular joint acts as a cushion and helps maintain the mandibular condyle in position within the fossa. Ligaments, muscles, and the shape of the condyle and fossa also contribute to stabilizing the joint and preventing the condyle from slipping posteriorly.

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