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Great White Sharks live in almost all coastal waters that have a temperature between 12 to 24 degree Celsius. They are found in large numbers in USA, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile etc. Its presence is observed in areas where an abundance of its prey species like fur seals, sea lions etc are found.


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The great white can be found in tropical or temperate waters world wide.

There is no difference between a great white shark and a shark because a great white shark is a shark. however there is a difference between a great white shark and another breed of shark

The great white shark has eyes that adapt to differences in lightness and darkness. It also has gills and a heart that operate differently according to the water temperature.

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The record is 1,2km and the average is 400m

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The great white can be found in all temperate and tropical seas, far at sea, even coastal areas.

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a great white shark weighs 2270kg

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Adult Great White Sharks range anywhere from 23-27 feet long. The female is usually bigger.

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