What is the range on the BI Homeguard 206 ds?

The range depends on the level that your probation officer puts you. There is high range which is 150 feet, medium 75 feet, and low which is 50 feet. There are some tricks to leave your house without your P.O finding out. Since the unit its self has a back up battery you cant just unplug it and think that it won't know you have left, but since its a cell phone unit and there is only 1 cord which is the power cord all you have to do is unplug the unit and take it with you wherever you go. Be sure to let your P.O know that the power went out and when you return home just plug the unit in again. I wouldn't suggest doing this very often because your probation officer will probably catch on and then put a GPS unit on you and be able to tell exactly where you are at all times. Again only do this once or twice. I did it 2 times and never even got questioned about it. Hope my answer was some help to you and wish you the best of luck dealing with whatever legal issues you may have.