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Type your answer here... the ranking of tezpur university is about 35 in MBA

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Q: What is the ranking of Tezpur University in MBA?
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How is the placement of tezpur university MBA program?


When was Tezpur University created?

Tezpur University was created in 1994.

What is the motto of Tezpur University?

Tezpur University's motto is 'विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते'.

Top ranking universty for MBA in Bangladesh?

east west university(ewu)

Who is the VC of tezpur university?

MK Chaudhuri

What is the ranking of Swinburne university for MBA?

The 2008 Graduate Management Association of Australia ranking of MBAs gives the MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University 3 STARS ahead of Melbourne Business School with 2 STARS!

Does any one know AIM-Westbrook university and how good is its MBA and what is its ranking in us?

AIM Westbrook university is under affliation of widu

What does the Acronym TUEE represent?

It could stand for "Tezpur University Entrance Exam".

What is the ranking for California Miramar University?

California Miramar University has been listed in "Top 10 MBA Schools in San Diego" by San Diego Business Journal.

What is Tezpur's population?

Tezpur's population is 100,477.

What is the country code and area code of Tezpur- Tezpur India?

The country code and area code of Tezpur- Tezpur, India is 91, (0)3712.

Who is best MBA in UK for Indian Students?

Planning to study in the MBA in UK for Indian Students? Talk to a top Gradstar study abroad best expert today! Set the path for your dream career by studying IN UK MBA in UK for Indian Students at a world leading university. Why should you study in the UK for an MBA in UK for Indian Students? ยท Oxford University. This is no surprise that the world-renowned University of UK is among the top best-ranking MBA.