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As with all Action Replay codes and other cheating devices, data files can easily become corrupted, so please proceed with care. The code is:

fcff9834 acfeffdd

23d56126 00000000

To activate press L and R simultaneously. Then, go into the grass and press select. Save and while the message warns you to not turn off the power, turn the system off. On reboot of the game you should have 999 rare candies. Also, rare candies does not make your Pokemon level up with EVs and IVs so a level 50 Pokemon leveled up without rare candy is a lot stronger than a level 100 Pokemon leveled up with rare candy.

This code can cause your game to freeze up and you can loose everything. Use it with extreme caution.

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How can you get unlimited rare candy on Pokemon sapphire?

Use action replay.

How do you get 999 rare candy on Pokemon Diamond No Action Replay?

You can't.

How can you level up your Pokemon with action replay?

rare candy code.

What is the rare candy action replay code in Pokemon White2?


Can you get lots of rare candy with out action replay?

trade with a friend, and have the friend's Pokemon hold a rare candy.

Pokemon platinum action replay code for x999 rare candy?

there is none

Where do you enter the 999 rare candy cheat in Pokemon platinum?

On the Action Replay.

How do you unlock the rare candy bars store on Pokemon platinum?

get action replay

How to get a bunch of rare candy on Pokemon platinum?

You have to use an action replay code.

How do you get 999 rare candy in Pokemon black action replay code?

You can't.

What is the ar code for rare candy in Pokemon platinum? has several Action Replay cheats (and is the Action Replay website). That is where I get mine :p

How do you level up Pokemon quick on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

all you need to do is get an action replay and find a rare candy. a rare candy will level up a Pokemon by 1 level. when you start the game with the action replay it will have a screen full of your items. when you find rare candy bring the number up to 99 and feed your Pokemon the rare candy.

Rare candy cheat without action replay on Pokemon platinum?

you just cant

How can you do the rare candy glitch on Pokemon platinum?

i dont think you can without an action replay

Is there a rare candy glitch in Pokemon gold?

There's a cheat code with action replay

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Using the action replay, if you don't have one, go to

Real 999x rare candy cheat for Pokemon platinum?

you can get 900, rare candys if you have action replay. however, the action replay won't work on the dsi

999 rare candy cheat code for Pokemon diamond without action replay?

You need a action replay to do that and trust me i tryed before so trust me.

Where to find Pokemon Yellow cheats rom?

buy action replay or similar then go to code junkies and type in the codes to action replay

999 rare candy cheat for Pokemon pearl?

Other then using a action replay there is none

What is the action replay code to get x999 rare candy bar in Pokemon diamond?

go on

What is the 999 rare candy action replay code for Pokemon black?

yes i used it myself

How do you cheat to get lots of rare candy in soulsilver?

"""""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay

What is 999 rare candy code for pear with out action replay?

there is no cod but you can trade a Pokemon holding a rare candy 999 times

How do you copy rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant copy the Rare candy you need ACTION REPLAY to get a LOT OF THEM! my friend used action replay and got 91199 rare candys even if you use them they never dissapeer.